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    Tubby Smith for next Head Coach

    OMG. I'm sorry. I gotta find the eyeball which just popped out from all this foolishness.
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Oh. Love to hear about the 3d printer. Advancing that technology will vastly improve so many industries, it's just plain hard to imagine. There are so many applications of that which will benefit not only society, but the planet as well.
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    Thomas Edison Already Solved The Renewable Energy Storage Issue

    I'm in the computing industry. Of course I know Moore's Law. But, that doesn't excuse the wasteful use of electricity. Furthermore, factoring in population growth, we're using significantly more. Plus factor in the electrical consumption to manufacture the evergrowing use of silicon and...
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    Thomas Edison Already Solved The Renewable Energy Storage Issue

    We've bought into the glutinous use of electricity. I think everyone can agree that we don't need half the stuff built into every appliance. We really don't need the 2x square feet increase in the average home over the past 40 years. But, hey, if another form of electricity is better, safer...
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    Cyclone Fanatic is doing a great job on the coaching situation

    It's amazing what trending 'opinions' can do to destroy things further than they already are. The very notion of 'hot' is going to scare recruits off. Add in the salt thrown on him this year, I see a very difficult job of him reeling in quality recruits. And, as much of a Prohm supporter as...
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Wow! This was a great explanation. As imagined, 'computer related' studies are spread across the specific disciplines with a strong core for supporting those studies. There are so many areas I see the need for better development (eg AI security, AI branding, video water marking, licensing...
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    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    The fiscal status of the department is in very good condition. The health of the conference is better because of JP. Heck, one could argue the conference exists because of him. While not all the records are better, the overall health of athletics is the best in my 50 years of affiliation with...
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Thanks!! Great info. Seems like a resource sharing entity, more so than an instructional entity. Regardless, step in the right direction.
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    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    Wow! We've come to the point of not believing what actually comes out of people's mouths. We're at a point in humanity where the truth is so over boldened with egos spewing what they 'want' to be the truth, but have little to no evidence to support their claims. 'Sources'. All I've seen from...
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    After reading the thread about Beyer, I decided to do Google street view. I was absolutely astonished at the transition of all of the buildings on that side of campus. My sophomore year, the Design Center opened. To which, as an Architecture student, I felt it was an incredible blessing...
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    I like this guy's breakdown of our football schedule next year... Thoughts?

    Should say 'low expectations and exceed them'.
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    ISU Coaching Poll

    One thing is for sure, with all the options, critiques, and overall lack of consensus, Prohm's retainment numbers gradually have gone up since the start of this thread. Not by a large margin, but inarguably 'up'. If this thread vets 'every' option out there with no popular choice, I wouldn't...
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    If the seats are in good condition, I'm sure there are paints out there to spruce them up.
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    BR Article: Iowa State’s key missing piece to be a CFP contender:

    Actually, I think the biggest threats against achieving higher results, is their own minds. No matter what anyone says, a sense of complacency follows the "best ever" title they've achieved so far. If we can continue the trend of not only trying to be the best version of ourselves, but also...
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    The whole problem with the NEZ is it looks like a series of band-aids (Olsen, Jacobson and Scoreboard). I can see my Architecture professor saying "It's kitsch. It's crap." Actually, he was more colorful than that, but he was a darned good professor. Even the new training center ties very...
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    It's old enough to warrant asbestos concerns which, of course, would delay any demo.
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    Ranking Ski Resorts

    For east coast folks, I've gotta plug Snowshoe, WV. They've had an incredible season of snow. Conditions have been remarkably fantastic this year. And business is not down nearly as much as they'd feared because folks are coming for the whole week and working from their condos. And, for us...
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Moving a building like that would be more expensive than raising it and starting over.
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Boy. Talk about leveraging the size of the press box. In this pic it looks massive, but in reality it's pin sized compared to other juggernauts out there.
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    karen from oskaloosa

    Obviously you missed the point. But that's ok.