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  1. Frak

    Players leaving Nebraska Football

    Yeah, if he was willing to play WR/PR, he would be an immediate starter at ISU. But I'm guessing he wants to stay at QB. He'll get a shot to play QB somewhere. Maybe a service academy or a G5 school.
  2. Frak

    Transfer Portal Jammed

    I don't think that ISU is going to be very involved in the portal beyond what they've already done. But with the SR class we have this fall, I would expect a year from now we will be in there big time.
  3. Frak

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    Are you just coming to this realization? I’d say it’s more likely than not.
  4. Frak

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    This summer.
  5. Frak

    2022 Class Breakdown

    He's still going to have to learn to play DL, something he didn't do much of in HS. I won't be surprised to see him get some snaps in obvious 3rd and long, go get the QB. But he's going to need some time to turn in to an every down player.
  6. Frak

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    I don't disagree with that. Proof > potential every day of the week. We'll see a little more what Brock can do this fall. He's the clear RB2 with Nwangwu and Lang gone.
  7. Frak

    PJ Fleck front runner for Tennessee job?

    I would guess that's the key. Give someone 7 years guaranteed. But when the school digs up dirt on the current HC to avoid a buyout, it can be kind of hard to trust them. Because, everyone in the SEC is cheating to an extent. If you look hard enough, you'll find somewhere that they're...
  8. Frak

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    He's a good back and maybe he is better than Brock. But, Goodson would be seeing Brock-type carries if Breece Hall was on Iowa's roster too.
  9. Frak

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    It's possible for people to root for both teams growing up. And getting a JR Cyclone Club membership is an easy and cheap way to get kids into games. Imming's brother walked on at iowa, so it was not a forgone conclusion that he was always going to ISU. ISU just flat beat iowa in recruiting...
  10. Frak

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Yeah, I didn't really like the characters even in the movies. They had none of the charm of even some of the other MCU side characters like Ant-Man or Falcon or Winter Soldier or War Machine. Wanda had an accent early on and then it went away. Vision was kind of a robot but not a robot...
  11. Frak

    [Commitment Watch] ‘22 In-State LB Will McLaughlin

    I'd say 20 years ago it was 40% Husker, 40% hawkeye, 20% Cyclone. Now, the husker fans have dropped off except for Council Bluffs and Sioux City. I feel like it's a pretty even split between the 3 with maybe the Clones ahead and huskers lagging at more like 25%.
  12. Frak

    PJ Fleck front runner for Tennessee job?

    I don’t blame fans for living in their own little bubble and TN has had a lot of success in the past. But, Campbell turned them down 2 years ago. In the mean time, they not only didn’t win, they dug up dirt on their coach so that they could fire him and not pay the buyout. Oh, and that means...
  13. Frak

    How good can this team be?

    I mean, if the over under on the season is 2.5, who is taking the over? I’m not. This team doesn’t play either smart or hard. And there’s not much talent to start with. Very little skill and less effort.
  14. Frak

    PJ Fleck front runner for Tennessee job?

    That seems like something he would totally do.
  15. Frak

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I’ve watched the first 3 and honestly I’m barely hanging on. It’s not appointment tv by any means. So far it’s a combination of bewitched and the Brady bunch. I know it will get better and there’s a lot that they’re not telling us yet, but I struggled to sit through those first three. I want...
  16. Frak

    Sports betting

    I have DK and although I don’t win a bunch or make huge bets, it’s extremely fun. The in-game betting is a blast...especially if you’re watching the game with some friends.
  17. Frak

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Just another example of "offers" being BS. There's no way to track it, but commitable offers are much more important.
  18. Frak

    Bankston Transferring to the Rajun Cajuns (EDIT: Now Houston)

    Honestly, the only reason why I'd think that is getting a PS5. Buckle down, play one more game and get a free PS5? Then enter the portal after the game. Obviously, we didn't need him in the bowl, but if I were him, I would have just played and gotten the reward. But if Campbell got wind of...
  19. Frak

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Would probably be a good fit there. He can sling it. Not super mobile, but they don't seem to care about that. I would guess they can protect him better than TT could.
  20. Frak

    Bankston Transferring to the Rajun Cajuns (EDIT: Now Houston)

    Just a guess with no inside info...if he went to Campbell and said he was planning on transferring after the season, I could totally see CMC telling him to just go and not allowing him to play in the bowl game.