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  1. Frak

    WTB: 2 for Baylor Revised:need 1.

    I thought I had 4 coming and only have 3. So I need to buy 1 just to get in the door. PM me.
  2. Frak


    So, I just upgraded to T2. Where can I find the premium message board?
  3. Frak

    CF content ideas

    From the request for ideas on the podcast: 1. How about an update on the sports performance center? Maybe a walk-through with Campbell...what he thinks about he project, how it will help the program, bells and whistles that they are including, or at least pointing out what is going where. Or...
  4. Frak

    WTB: Tcu ticket

    I need to get one kid in the door. Will be sitting with me, so we wouldn’t actually be using the seat. Hoping for free but would pay $5.
  5. Frak

    For some reason...

    ...this always cheers me up. Younger people have no idea what was lost when this place closed.
  6. Frak

    FS: Weezer

    Two tickets lower level. 106 row G. We had to change plans and can’t go. Paid $60 each and asking $50 each obo. PM me.
  7. Frak

    Campbell podcast

    OK, I want to try to say this in the nicest way possible, but...I personally could not care less what Matt Campbell thinks about LeBron, Baker Mayfield, Mike Leach, the WWE, what restaurants he likes or what he has on his DVR. If I had an hour of one-on-one time with the coach, I would want to...
  8. Frak

    And that's how you defuse the blowback (Isheem Young)
  9. Frak

    How would you change Star Wars?

    As a fan from way back, I guess I don't really care for some of the choices the filmmakers have made over the years...especially the prequals and new trilogy. I feel like a few changes would have made things a lot better. How would you have changed things if you could rewrite things? Here is...
  10. Frak

    WTS: Super Nintendo

    Anyone looking for an old Super Nintendo? I'd like to sell mine. Street Fighter, Metroid, a few other games. PM me.
  11. Frak

    Two LL for KSU

    Will sell cheap and email tickets. Weather is going to prevent me from making the trip. PM me.
  12. Frak

    WTB: 2 for Citadel

    Hoping for lower level. Got two of our own but want to bring the kids.
  13. Frak

    Football intro question

    What is the name of the ACDC song that is played AFTER the team runs out? I actually like that song a lot better than Thunderstruck.
  14. Frak

    Nike warm u

    Why is it that every Nike team has the "Always Reppin" warm up? Same thing happened lasted year. How hard is it to come up with couple different slogans to choose from.
  15. Frak

    ISU vs iowa

    I have two lower level tix for the iowa game. Section 127. Kids Christmas concert that night. Looking for best offer. No hawk fans. I'll put an asking price out there down the line, but wasn't sure what the market will look like.
  16. Frak

    Spain Trip

    So maybe I missed it, but what kind of coverage are we going to get from the games in Spain? I assume they're not televised or streaming. Just highlights? Box scores? Nothing? Is anyone there to cover the games? Oh and when are the games actually scheduled?
  17. Frak

    Why not Nurse?

    I'm confused why there's not more love for Nick Nurse. He fits about every criteria: 1. Would run an NBA offense 2. Iowa ties 3. NBA connections 4. Was actually an ISU assistant for a few weeks 5. Relationship with Grayer and Otz 6. Successful HC in the D-League Seems like a no-brainer to me...
  18. Frak

    Happy Chiz Day!

    5-19, baby!
  19. Frak

    Score! in Ames

    Did I miss this on here? Seems like it could be a cool little bar. Score! arcade bar to open this month in Ames « Juice
  20. Frak

    WTB: 2 tickets for KSU

    Don't have to be good seats. I have two already and am looking for two more just to get in the door.