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    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    This should be our top target for our next head men's basketball coach.,_born_1972)
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    Your Comedian Mount Rushmore

    1. Patrice O'Neal 2. Anthony Jeselnik 3. Chris Rock 4. Reno Collier Honorable Mentions: Greg Giraldo, Will Sasso, Theo Von, Nick Swardson, Jon Reep, Bobby Lee, and TJ Miller This is a fantastic topic, i am forced to leave so many off this list that it is painful.
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    UFC ppv streams

    Where do people go to stream fights online. I know there are alot of hd streams but i have trouble finding them. Just curious someone on here has several options that are solid.
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    Very concerning trend

    I would like a drastic change to the starting five. I would be startting: 1. Hailburton 2. Wiggington 3. Shayok 4. Jacobsen 5. Lard Why do we have to play one big at all times? It makes absolutely no sense, there are plenty of lineup combinations we never get. The lineup from earlier this...
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    Very concerning trend

    dont ignore our inability to excute in the final 3 minutes at baylor and five minutes at we have one two actual baskets in the time frame and two free throws.
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    Very concerning trend

    Duke has like three studs and everything goes through them and everyone knows there roles. We have no stud/elite player that is a leader and everything goes through. We have guys that could be that but right now they are not that. We do not have a niang, monte morris, royce white, and i could...
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    Very concerning trend

    Anyone that blames the last two games on the refs clearly doesn't understand finish games. To bad first halves and we still should have won both games. I couldn't disagree more with blaming the refs!!
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    Very concerning trend

    We can't score in the end of games. Today Wiggington assisted shayok at the 5:02 mark for a layup and we scored only 2 points in the final 5:02 so that is one basket. I don't care how bad the refs are we can't score two points in the final 5:02. At Baylor we scored 4 points in the final 3:03...
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    Next year and Kyle Kempt

    If kempt is the starter from day one we beat iowa for sure. I think we probably beat texas. Without Kempt there is no way we beat oklahoma or tcu. We would have been less competitive in the other games as well. Kyle is the MVP of this team and it is not close which is impressive giving how...
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    The Dark Tower

    I watched it mainly because Matt m. character seemed pretty bad ass. This movie is definitely dollar theatre material at best. Wait to watch it for free or rent. Not very exciting to be honest, started to actual dose off a few times which surprised me.
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    2018 prospect Isaiah Kelly taking an unofficial visit to ISU on 8/20

    Any more info on this kid. This is the most I have wanted a kid since Marcus Paige. Total diamond in the rough in my opinion. Haven't heard anything forever.
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    The Tournament

    We need to get Homan on board! Wish we could get Vroman on board, RIP!!!
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    Big 12 Tournament Seed Probabilities (Long)

    If OU wins and WV loses we will play OU, they will be the three. WV would get the tie breaker due splitting with KU. So to make a long story short, WV = 2 and OU is going to be the 3.
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    2016 Big XII MBB Survivor - Week 6

    I am assuming I am eliminated because I forgot to get my pick in, but if I can still pick in the weekday games I will take tcu in a must win versus oklahoma st.
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    2016 Big XII MBB Survivor - Week 5

    Texas Tech Must win: Oklahoma St.
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    Which ISU player has best record against KU?

    I want to agree with you but the mental toughness is the biggest difference. That Fizer and Tinsley team didn't struggle to beat teams in the Big 12. We owned the league for 2 years, Two conference championships. 2 seed in the ncaa tourney twice. We got screwed in fizer's last year, we...
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    Texas A&M forums

    I was just saying if you don't know your ISU basketball history don't open your mouth about something u clearly don't know enough about.
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    Texas A&M forums

    Fizer was a McDonald's all-american and the third pick in the NBA draft. That doesn't happen if you are overrated. Right when he started to play well in the NBA he hurt his knee and never was able to get it going. So don't rip one of the best cyclones to ever where the cardinal and gold.
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    Which ISU player has best record against KU?

    Whoever says Fizer was a one year wonder is clueless and obviously young. That team with Fizer and Tinsley would beat this years team 8 or 9 times out of 10. The had a fifth gear and blew out their opponents out in the last ten minutes. Tinsley is the best player to ever where a Cyclones...