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  1. cyclone4L

    How To Fix a Dumb Kid

    Hey Everyone. So I have a bit of a dilemma... I take care of my "nephew" (not blood related) usually once every two months. He spends a week with us every time he comes. Ever since I have known him, I knew he struggled in school; however, I never had the relationship with him to look into his...
  2. cyclone4L

    Enyi coming back

  3. cyclone4L

    2022 Class Breakdown

    With the 2021 Class all, but wrapped up, it may be time to take a look at some targets I think are high priorities. QB Drew Allar - 6'5" with a big arm. Hok is heavily recruiting. Jaxon Dailey. 6'2" mobile QB from SouthEast Polk. Lefty. RB Jaylon Glover - 5'9", Reminds me of the guys Rhoads...
  4. cyclone4L


    Dude is on scholarship
  5. cyclone4L

    5 Star K Tyler Bittman Commits.... The savior of the program? Daddy like. PWO. Same HS as Seonbuchner.
  6. cyclone4L

    [Commitment Watch] ‘21 QB Mikey Keene That is film for one game this year. One game. He’s a shorter qb committed to UCF. He’s the guy we are going after. We have a really good shot to flip from what I’m hearing. Teammate of ISU Target Eli Sanders.
  7. cyclone4L

    Four WVU Tix Section 2 Row 5

    $360 for all
  8. cyclone4L


    Hey fellow fanatics! After a few years of working with software, I finally decided to learn to code. I am LOVING IT so far. I was wondering who works as a developer or knows how to code? What tools do you to use to code? What resources?
  9. cyclone4L

    [Commitment Watch] '22 WR Kristen Hoskins

    Just a hunch. Could happen between now and february. runs about 10.7s~10.8s in the 100m now. (the 11.04s was as a freshman).
  10. cyclone4L

    [COMMITTED] ‘21 6’4” Saf Malik Verdon
  11. cyclone4L

    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing
  12. cyclone4L

    [Commitment Watch] ‘21 OL Tyler Maro

    Might as well get this thing going. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him commit SOMEWHERE before the end of November.
  13. cyclone4L

    [CF Sponsor] I recommend Gravitate Coworking

    A few years ago, I decided to fire my boss and try to start a business. I was excited and a little nervous to start the journey, but I had to give it a try. For the first month, I loved waking up and having a 3 step commute across the hall to my office. It saved a lot of time and I didn't have...
  14. cyclone4L

    EXCELLENT piece on Breece Hall by 247sports. Thought it was worth sharing.
  15. cyclone4L

    [Hold on, it’s not over yet] PATHWAY TO DALLAS

    Jk. Yes it is. See you in Dallas.
  16. cyclone4L

    [Committing Oct. 31] CB Myles Purchase
  17. cyclone4L

    Tomorrow's Press Conference.

    Interesting seeing Xavier Hutchinson speaking to the media.
  18. cyclone4L

    Ball state added to Schedule

  19. cyclone4L

    [Committed] '21 CB 6'3" Winsome Frazier

    might as well get this one going...
  20. cyclone4L

    [Commitment watch] '21 DE Jayden Gray

    We are in his top 4. I like our chances.