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  1. cmjh10

    When to post Juicy Wiggle?

    Alright, obviously TDs means JW gets posted. What other plays? TO's? FG's? Not giving up a kick return? Need to know so I can do better next season.
  2. cmjh10

    I have the wrong job

    29 millon dollars?!?!?!
  3. cmjh10

    Gift for 1 year old nephew

    Need a list of the most annoying noisy toys I can get my 1 year old nephew. Trying to get back at my little sister for being a turd for 22 years now. Thanks
  4. cmjh10

    Charley Pride Dead at 86 2020 continues to suck. Well, hopefully he can actually kiss an angel good morning now.
  5. cmjh10

    Piece of **** of the Year

    Banned for life. Isnt enough punishment. What a piece of ****.
  6. cmjh10

    Amazing Stat

    Since the start of the 2nd half of the Baylor game, ISU has outscored their opponents 135-36. This team has been lights out on both sides of the ball since halftime of Baylor. Campbell must have given the speech to end all speeches. OU has outscored their opponents 144-50 in their last 3.5...
  7. cmjh10

    What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas?
  8. cmjh10

    What professional sports career would you want to have?

    Ignore NBA, and lets say pro sports career.
  9. cmjh10

    *** Official CycloneRulzzz Birth(Day) Thread ***

    Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, @CycloneRulzzz! From the dedication and commitment of gameday threads to the old mafia days, and just being an all around awesome dude, this man deserves a thread for his birthday!
  10. cmjh10

    Have you turned on your heat yet?

    Have you? I have not, the coldest I have seen in the house is 60 one morning last week. Will definitely turn it on by Saturday morning as we will be out of town this weekend.
  11. cmjh10


    When you make a PB&J sandwhich, do you put peanut butter one 1 piece of bread and jelly on the other, or peanut butter on both and jelly in the middle?
  12. cmjh10

    **** YEAH!!!!

    I love you all!!!! Even you @Cy$
  13. cmjh10

    2020 Fantasy Football

    Its finally here! Need a RB and a flex: Mack Fournette Edelman John Brown Non ppr
  14. cmjh10

    Regis Philbin dead at 88 2020 continues to suck
  15. cmjh10

    Cyclone State

  16. cmjh10

    Little Wednesday evening fun. Pick 3

  17. cmjh10

    Solve this equation

    Having a "discussion" with family over the answer. Help me out CF!
  18. cmjh10

    Fox Sports Ultimate Fan Bracket

    Need to vote on twitter. Winning school gets a billboard near rival schools campus. ISU is a 3 seed.
  19. cmjh10

    National Puppy Day

    Since we are all cooped up, mad, and yelling at each other. I think we all need some smiles. Post your pics of your pups, God knows we need them right now.
  20. cmjh10

    We're #1!!!!