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  1. nicmilani

    Kevin McHale Interview on ESPN - Credits Freddy for Royce Pick

    Did anyone else catch the Kevin McHale interview between picks 21 and 22 where they discussed Houston's 1st round? Basically, the ESPN crew asked him about RW and Kevin began by describing his skill set and how excited he is to utilize a pass-first big man. Then the ESPN crew asked about off...
  2. nicmilani

    Hey ... was just reading through a thread and noticed your French Mastiff pic. Is that yours...

    Hey ... was just reading through a thread and noticed your French Mastiff pic. Is that yours? I have a female french mastiff ... looks a little smaller than that one. Great dogs ... super rare. Anyways, just was interested to see if you have had as great an experience as I have. I also have...
  3. nicmilani

    Looking for a new car

    Imprezza Wagon is sweeeeetttttt ... you'll love driving it in the snow. I would research on ... they are very accurate in their quality assesment. Also, if you decide to buy new and you are looking at a GM or Ford, let me know once you've decided on a model via PM and I can...
  4. nicmilani

    Hoiberg on Murph N Andy at 3:45

    Personally, I respect Fred's honesty. Brackins probably saw his stock drop year-over-year, not to say there weren't a lot of factors in that, but it happened. So treat that statement as one of "fact" not of "opinion". That being said, look at Draymond Green at MSU. He is the most similar...
  5. nicmilani

    NBA: Good Friday Read: The Malice at the Palace

    I distinctly remember where I was standing at a bar Michigan the night Ron Artest laid down on the scorers table and all hell broke loose. As a sports fan, I found this really interesting ... people lost their minds and started acting like complete idiots. Enjoy ... An oral history of the...
  6. nicmilani

    TV or internet for the game today

    nope. no luck. listening on clonezone. found this funny string on TexAgs: - A&M Men's Basketball they can't find a feed either and the latest post states: "Trust me, you don't want to watch this crap" i just spent a week with a bunch of aggies in vegas ... sounds like they are...
  7. nicmilani

    TV or internet for the game today

    damn espn3 ... anyone got a link??? i planned my whole day around this!!!
  8. nicmilani

    Same time...

    Don't basketball game times change as the season progresses? I thought TV rights are picked up as the games gets closer. Anyways, I'd love to see a Saturday night game in Ann Arbor since I live about 30 minutes from there and would love to tailgate during the day then watch a Cyclone victory...
  9. nicmilani

    Michigan guys I wish we were recruiting.

    I live in the Detroit area ... we SHOULD be recruiting Michigan, and Ohio, for that matter. One of the problems is, none of the local talent sees Big 12 sports, so they don't know or appreciate it. However, having refereed in the area for a few years, there is some SERIOUS talent in the state...
  10. nicmilani

    Juergen Klinsmann Hired as USMNT Coach

    Great point about the youth system. This fundamentally is the greatest failing of US soccer. Painful to watch countries like Italy develop our youth for us, then keep them for their national team. I sense the tide is changing here though.
  11. nicmilani

    Juergen Klinsmann Hired as USMNT Coach

    Yes. Like any sport coaching has an immense impact. Bob Bradley was a solid coach from a practice standpoint (players came to games ready to play, in good condition), however he was TERRIBLE from an in-game strategy standpoint. Most people don't appreciate the immense strategy required...
  12. nicmilani

    New Uniforms vs. Throwbacks

    fyi ... I live in Detroit and one of the local sport's stations was bashing the Big 12 today (common occurance). One of the interns piped up and mentioned that Duke and ISU beat Big 10 teams. The announcer then went on a 15 minute rant about how cool the ISU jerseys were. How he wished more...
  13. nicmilani

    Head for the hills, soccer-haters!

    I don't chime in too much, but let me add some of my perspective. I was at the ISU vs. MSU elite 8 game in 2000 and that was the best US event I've been to. I was at all of the NBA finals games in Detroit 2 years ago against San Antonio ... and that was okay ... pro basketball isn't that...
  14. nicmilani

    Restaurants in Chicago??

    If you like Sushi ... Sakura on Algonquin and 53 ... Strip mall south of Algonquin. VERY good, VERY authentic.
  15. nicmilani

    Terrance Ganaway - 417 Yds and 6 TD's Video Highlights

    First off, thanks for all the info and the vids ... this is great stuff. I wish more people did this sort of thing. There's something really interesting in all 3 videos: Every running play he has where he is the TB is practically the same play. He gets the pitch and the quarter back dips in...
  16. nicmilani

    Rahshon's Dunk

    Consider me confused.
  17. nicmilani

    Daily Iowan Cartoon ...

    Found this ditty on the Daily Iowan, the EIU's student paper ... gotta admit, it's pretty damn funny! (and note the fact they give Pollard some serious props, he's well respected.)...
  18. nicmilani

    TV for UNLV

    This is my biggest frustration ... NO TELEVISION? ... how is that possible. It's total crap.
  19. nicmilani

    I REDID the UNIFORM based on comments

    For the iowa game only? It would be GREAT! Plus, I think the hippie cy (walking cy) needs more play ... i love that frickin' logo ... he was clearly a beer drinker, look at that belly! Plus, I agree completely with the basis for your redesign ... you borrowed it from Michigan ... clean and...
  20. nicmilani

    PDA phone recommendations sought

    I have a Q ... love it ... form factor is great ... cheap ... just watch the battery life, it eats up juice really quick!