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    Covid incidents?

    Haven't seen anything about covid impacting our... or for that matter other programs. Basically opposite to college basketball situation. Seems like it would be a sport severely hampered given all the contact training.
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    Just as the 80s

    Was a critical turning point for football in the state of Iowa... so will be the 20s. Let the degenerates hang on to history. So glad we have the future to hold instead of the dead and dark past. Don't let these skeletons drag you into the grave. Onward Cyclone faithful! It's the 70s again!
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    Did you see Matt at awards stand

    Relaxing against the rail watching offensive and defensive award handed out. Like a proud papa. And giving praise to the parents. NO OTHER COACH would have acted like that on that stage . We are so lucky.
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    I SO want OUs head on the victory spear

    Those dancing bastard* need to be reduced to the scum they originated from. Cheaters since time originated.
  5. F

    We were Oh Fer on the road in Nov

    Agaisnt Top 25. Holy crap. Thankfully the future looks bright! Per ESPN
  6. F


    If we don't land a few studs after this season, ones who were on our wish list but we weren't on top of theirs, then I don't know WHAT it will take.
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    We have laid several title eggs over the years

    I believe this year is different. We play our best football going forward. And I'm not normally an optimist. Your thoughts?
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    Time to pay the man

    And his assistants. Lock up another 5 years. Massive buyout.
  9. F

    Iowa Wind Power

    Wasn't aware the state generated 42% from wind. Highest in nation. My guess would have been 5 to 10%
  10. F

    Young's Hit

    Can anyone get that nasty hit and post. That was one of the best stops I've seen from a Cyclone in a long time.
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    Shooting the fog prematurely

    As I was sitting near the player entry area before the game noticed how the fog was ejected quite early before the players ran onto the field and we were basically left with a loud hissing sound for nearly a minute as the guy in the utility cart sat there looking a little foolish. Who's job is...
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    OU players dancing before our kickoff return

    Was lucky to go to game. Witnessing the Sooner kickoff group dancing on the field after they went up 30 to 23 and us nearly returning it for a TD was so freaking awesome.
  13. F


    What exactly does this mean in the 5th year? That we will never have the players or coaches to not worry about the margin? What is the margin?
  14. F

    So who wins on the 12th?

    What's the line? What are Louisians strengths and weaknesses? Where do we have the edge as far as matchups and vice versa? So ready for game day discussion.
  15. F

    Our Grass Field and Spring Football

    THAT should be interesting. How many games before potentially unplayable?
  16. F

    Hawks Represented In Weed Line

    In line early. Nice lineup of buyers. They DO wear their gear.... everywhere.
  17. F

    Herbie Awards

    Biggest upset. What a crock. Iowa over Ohio St.
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    Recruiting vs. Rumors

    Curious to hear others thoughts on how the staff might be handling recruits and their parents concerns over all the media rumors about longevity. It's really a two edged sword isn't it. We finally have some serious momentum getting higher tiered kids interested in visiting, and yet, they must...