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  1. xboxfever

    2022 NFL Draft

    Xavier Hutchinson is a late round pick at best. You’re in for a world of disappointment when he goes late or is and UDFA. He’s no where near a first round pick. You’re probably the same guy that thought Austen Arnaud was a first or second rounder back in the day(there were some that posted in...
  2. xboxfever

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    I find it hard to believe he isn’t gone after this season. If they end up winless in conference play (unlikely), he should be fired immediately after the last game. You can’t sell next season to fans with him as coach now, let alone if they go winless in conference play. It’s so sad how far he’s...
  3. xboxfever

    Bowl Game Pick'em Contest

    Same with me. I was over confident though in Clemson over Ohio State. I’ll take second any day. Congratulations.
  4. xboxfever

    5* Culture and 5* players

    They aren’t there to compete. They are there because of $$$.
  5. xboxfever

    Kolar coming back!

    Wow! Thought Kolar would come back, but for sure did not think Eisworth would come back. Holy ****! This up coming season is going to be insane. Sky is the limit!
  6. xboxfever

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    Exactly. He underachieved big time with that roster. I don’t think some people realize how insanely hard it is to make the NBA. Less than 1 percent of college players play in the NBA or at least stay in the NBA but that team had 6 guys (and the reigning big 12 defensive player of the year) who...
  7. xboxfever

    Steve Deace Tweet

    Deace and Jon Miller used to have a cyhawk show on mediacom back in the day, weekly during football season many years ago that I used to watch. Deace was supposed to be the Cyclone guy, but he would always **** all over Iowa State and rarely give the team credit and rarely would pick them to...
  8. xboxfever

    Matt Campbell vs Hayden Fry

    Do you really need to make yet another Hawkeye thread?
  9. xboxfever

    ***Bowl Games Thread***

    Now please shut the **** up Cincy fans and especially you Rece Davis.
  10. xboxfever

    ***NY weekend football games thread***

    I didn’t watch either because I figured the majority of the program would be about Ohio State like every other game day show.
  11. xboxfever

    Hawkeye Heaven gonna be quiet for a while?

    First offense used to be 48 hours of jail time plus loss of license for 6 months unless you have a cdl, then it’s one year. Second I believe is a week in jail plus loss of license for 2 years. Third offense is up to five years in prison unless you have a good lawyer and loss of license for at...
  12. xboxfever

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Season Thread***

    Browns lose to the Jets. You have two of the best backs in NFL and your entire wide receiver core is out due to covid and you decide to abandon the run all game and throw. They deserve to lose with that head scratching coaching.
  13. xboxfever

    WWE Royal Rumble (2021) Thread

    What happened?
  14. xboxfever

    ***Official College Football Playoff Rankings***

    Indiana. Not Indianna.
  15. xboxfever

    ***Official College Football Playoff Rankings***

    I hope the committee says **** it, and puts Cincinnati in so that the smaller schools never ***** again about getting the shaft when Alabama puts 50 on them in the first half. Also, their really isn’t a reason for the playoffs this year. It’ll be Alabama vs Clemson again. And it should be with...
  16. xboxfever

    Sane People End of Regular Season Discussion

    Definitely a special season that was incredible close to be even more special. Hopefully ISU is in a New Years bowl and this season will be even better. A preseason top ten team more than likely next year means next season could be even better.
  17. xboxfever

    *** Official #10 Oklahoma vs #6 IOWA STATE Big 12 Conference Championship Game(Day) Thread ***

    That last int is on Tom Manning! Fuckinh always been a pile of **** OC.
  18. xboxfever

    *** Official #10 Oklahoma vs #6 IOWA STATE Big 12 Conference Championship Game(Day) Thread ***

    Too little too late from the offense. Defense gave the offense multiple opportunities to take this game and the offense **** the bed.
  19. xboxfever

    *** Official #10 Oklahoma vs #6 IOWA STATE Big 12 Conference Championship Game(Day) Thread ***

    Praying for a turnover or a three and out. Can we get some Tom Herman stupid play calling from OU please?
  20. xboxfever

    *** Official #10 Oklahoma vs #6 IOWA STATE Big 12 Conference Championship Game(Day) Thread ***

    Defense gonna need to come up big once again!