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    Players to take the biggest step foward next season.

    I agree a deep threat is needed. To me it seems like Scates (deep ball) and Shaw (fade-stop type plays) are the most likely candidates, ahead of Jackson and Porter.
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    Xavier Foster out for season

    It is silly to conclude he will transfer. It is reasonable to consider this could increase those chances.
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    ***Official College Football Playoff Rankings***

    Sorry for my stupidity, but what does "multiple times every season" mean?
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    Players staying and leaving for 21-22 season

    I worry that our TE group had a lot to do with the OL performing well... as has been mentioned.
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    Jayden Nunn commits

    Yes, anyone who is described as a Combo Guard is a bad player... exactly what I said.
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    Jayden Nunn commits

    I’ve never liked the term “combo guard”. Usually seems like an attempt to put a positive spin on guys who are not good enough.
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    THT getting some high praise...

    Plenty of reasons to be mad with Prohm, his handling of THT is not one of them, just stop.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #8 West Virginia Game(Day) Thread ***

    Agree, 1 game is the anomaly at this point, but seems to me like our defense had a lot to do with their "OFF" night. I didn't see them missing a bunch of open looks.
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    If we go winless in the conference, does Prohm get fired?

    We do so many things that really bad teams do, and we do them consistently. We also have no complete players, everyone has a weakness that gets exposed. I'm just sad that something my family and I enjoy is going to be excruciating for the next 21 games, as @awd4cy pointed out.
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    Matt Campbell Big 12 Coach of the Year (Annual Thread)

    Its great to see, and our guys are deserving. Like always, getting guys on this list is easier when you win the conference.
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    I was listening to Murph and Andy Yesterday

    Iowa State -- our TE trio
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    *** Official Kansas State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Ok, so the chances Prohm actually gets fired are going way up....and are for real now right?
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    THT getting some high praise...

    He was not misused. Be mad at Prohm for other things if you want, but this is silly.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Iowa Game(Day) Thread ***

    What have are freshmen done to make you think they are good? I haven’t seen anything.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Iowa Game(Day) Thread ***

    Who are the good freshmen?
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    Why Shouldn't Steve Prohm Lose His Job If We Get Annihilated By Iowa?

    Our team, our season, and our program ( football and basketball) are much bigger than “how we do against Iowa”. Stop anchoring to that.
  17. B

    Conference Realignment

    When talking about re-alignment I think its important to separate the discussion into 2 groups: 1) Things we like and are fun to imagine: geography, tradition, old rivalries, stadiums... 2) Thing that could actually happen: TV Money
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    STAFF PICKS: West Virginia

    Is WVU statistically the best defense because they haven't played OU and ISU? Will be a close game.
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    Never a Plan B

    Our defense is missing a massive amount of awareness, I think the effort is there.