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  1. Acylum

    Charlie Daniels

    Dead at 83. Always kind of liked his off beat stuff.
  2. Acylum

    Bell vs John's vs Tico

    I've had a long held, though extremely minority opinion (as in I'm the only one) among coworkers, friends, etc, that among the Mexican fast food chains that Taco Tico reigns supreme. And I have to add that I do like Taco John's. But when going by strictly tacos, burritos, and the like, I don't...
  3. Acylum

    If I were rich
  4. Acylum

    Frost vs Herman

    Who gets fired first? I’ll say Tommy due to Frost’s school connections.
  5. Acylum

    Home Meal Delivery Services

    Been considering looking into these and just wondering if anybody had any advice or thoughts. I live alone most of the time, so I think I would need some flexibility as far as portion sizes or at least delivery intervals. I'm not a picky eater, so I'd be willing to try new foods. Basically I'm...
  6. Acylum

    Captain Al Haynes

    Passes away at 87. I can still remember being riveted to the tv for that whole ordeal.
  7. Acylum

    One Tough Chicken
  8. Acylum

    Lee Iacocca Dies Most people on here probably too young to know him, but he was a huge influence in the auto industry.
  9. Acylum

    Battle Bots

    I know it's niche viewing, but the new season starts tonight. I like it because I used to watch it with my daughters, both of whom think it's weird I watch it now. Anyhow, I find it entertaining, mostly because the PxP and color commentary can be hilarious at times. 20:00 on Discovery, same time...
  10. Acylum

    RC Cola

    Does anybody else think this is the best cola out there? I drink a lot of Pepsi and occasionally Coke, but when ever I'm someplace that carries the Royal Crown I always buy some and ask myself why are they not at the top of the cola wars.
  11. Acylum

    Ole Miss and NCAA

    Interesting, if lengthy, read on the investigation:
  12. Acylum

    Time Doesn't Really Exist

    Bored at work, stumbled across this: found it interesting so thought I'd post.
  13. Acylum

    Little Cy

    Need help- my daughter was asking what years he was around and why he went away. I don't recall when it was I first noticed him, but it seems like it didn't last long. Was it a younger kid and they thought better about having a kid in the mascot outfit?
  14. Acylum

    Football Attendance

    SIAP: 28th overall and 3rd in conference. I would hope this helps if conference upheaval rears its ugly head again.
  15. Acylum

    Bat in House

    NSFW, but hilarious.
  16. Acylum

    Best Selling Car Models by State I guessed the F 150 would be the leader in more states than any other, but holy cow. Then there are some head scratchers too.
  17. Acylum

    Yeti Coolers Opinions

    Does anybody have any experience with these or any of the other "premium" coolers? I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on one for the last two years but the price, combined with not being bowled over when I look at them in a store has kept me from making the jump. I guess what I'm...
  18. Acylum

    iPhone 6 battery replacement

    Just wondering if anybody on here has tried this. The kit, which includes everything needed, is $27 on Amazon.The videos on YouTube make it seem pretty straight forward, aside from the extremely small screws I'd be working with.
  19. Acylum

    ***2016 NFL Draft Thread***

    Could be an interesting year. Post your predictions/reactions. I'm hoping the Vikes go defense, but it sure sounds like it will be a receiver tonight.
  20. Acylum

    ***Official NCAA Final Four Thread***

    Really looking forward to OK-Nova. Should be a great game.