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    Halftime Hot Takes

    I think many of the 5 for 5 shooters the last few years are better shooters than Nixon.
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    Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?

    Just announced the death toll has jumped from 56 to 80 today.
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    Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?

    I really hope you're right here. But I'm nervous you will be wrong! Everything China is risking with their economy with the various lockdowns doesn't seem to make sense with the current numbers that have been reported.
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    Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?

    Pretty chilling video.. I just can't fathom a city of 11M being on lockdown if the numbers that were being reported were factual.
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    Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?

    Is anyone else thinking this is a lot worse than they're letting out? I don't have much faith at all in china's figures they have let out. I'm surprised there's not more activity on this thread
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    Where does this team find shooting NEXT year even?

    We will be the worst team in the conference 3 out of 4 years... Next year ain't getting better.
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    Wake the F up Cyclone Nation

    I may not know enough about xs and os to truly know what is going on every single play to really judge our staff from that standpoint. However the thing that I always go back to though is under Campbell I can really only remember being dissapointed with our effort and focus in a few games...
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    Looking for ratings/reviews on YouTube TV

    I love it... Honestly not even considering price, I like the interface and dvr more than mediacom too.. Not going to lie I do still get nervous watching live sports with mediacom internet, but so far for one year we haven't had any big problems.
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    Crazy kicking stat...

    When i saw this thread... I really thought it was going to be some crazy high FG percentage for our opponents. From the UNI kicker not missing beyond 45 yards to the ND kicker drilling the low 52 yarder - it really seems I haven't seen the other team miss many this year lol.
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    First time parent advice, tips, tricks, etc.

    Everyone loves/hates different branded diapers.. But I've found the ones we like the most and the most cost effective way to buy are the up and up (target brand). Target does a promo about every other month where you spend 100 in baby essentials and you get a 20 dollar gift card. 100 may seem...
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    Google Fi

    I tried that, but it doesn't list US Cellular on there... just figured I'd be better off if someone on here knew for sure.
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    Google Fi

    I've always gotten confused about cell phones when switching regarding the SIM card and what it means to be unlocked. If I have a US Cellular S9+ would i be able to switch to google FI?
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    Progression of Will McDonald

    He was getting good pressure even with being held every possession.
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    RECRUITING: 2020 RB Miyan Williams deciding tonight

    Going to hate to lose him.. But our rb position appears to be in good hands for a couple of years regardless!
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    Obligatory CyclonesTV Feed Quality Thread

    I don't have buffering issues.. But the quality has gotta be 480p... Yttv looks like 4k vs Cy TV for me.
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    5 Texas tickets (section 36 row 6)

    We bought some SEZ seats for this weekend.. And sure enough we get by far the best tickets we have through mobile pass. I think 40 each is good price for the location given that they are mobile pass. PM if interested, I can send screenshot of the bar code.
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    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    Are you concerned with the semi surprising visit to carver tonight? Or is it moreso paying respect to an instate team that has been recruiting him the whole way to listen to frans last pitch?
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    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    Similar to how I've been feeling. Seems each sides sources confidence levels sway every 48 hours or so lately. This has been an odd recruitment.