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  1. cyputz

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Based on the Lomax article today. How can the overall coaching staff not be held accountable. That specific player (and others), had to go to assistant coaches to discuss concerns. And you think color was not discussed! And if assistant coaches cannot go to Kirk about the discussions - there are...
  2. cyputz

    Ball state added to Schedule

    Let’s not get to excited here folks. CFB discussions are on-going. As for Ball State - David Letterman will look back at the Drake game to get fired up.
  3. cyputz

    My Wife Didn't Waste Her Cancer

    So sorry for your loss, You and your wife embodied love of life and the Cyclone Spirit. God’s guidance.
  4. cyputz

    Anyone having a suggestion for walleye fishing in Iowa or MN?

    Summer spent at Ottertail Lake. This summer has been rough. I have had nice reports out of Lake Traverse, Mn near SD Devils Lake has pulled some nice ones. Good luck either way
  5. cyputz

    New Fishing Pole Advice

    With a 5 yr old son, I would look at a cheap spin cast outfit in which he can learn some of the mechanics of a reel - Zebco, pflueger. That way he can graduate up the line and understand basics first.
  6. cyputz

    Median boomer retirement account $144,000

    Pension/Social Security/401++, cannot complain
  7. cyputz

    Are office mailrooms still a thing?

    And tolerate all those subscriptions “important” had to receive. I was amazed seeing our mail clerk sort through that crap for executives through the chain - asinine - most could not keep up with their mailing - but it looked impressive
  8. cyputz

    Perfect time to embrace Jack Trice heritage

    It has a tremendous significance being name after Jack Trice, and the abuse he endured. However, i would feel there should be some form of dialogue with the family members prior to such a comment. The naming is a wonderful tribute, not a card to be played later as a political statement. Rest IN...
  9. cyputz

    Worst Soundtrack of All Time

    Anything Yoko Ono!
  10. cyputz

    Iowa Safety Jack Koerner Involved in Serious Boating Accident

    Prayers for the two men and their loved ones. God’s guidance
  11. cyputz

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    How did any of the Black coaches handle these issues. Woods (?), he has been on the staff for numerous years now.
  12. cyputz

    On That Note - Sharp Dressed Man

    Devil with a Blue Dress
  13. cyputz

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Insurance Coach is not a big problem! He is a PROUD Black American❤️
  14. cyputz

    Miklus to Michigan State

    Great move Willy! Get your career started strong!
  15. cyputz

    Jaylin Noel Commits!

    Damn nice get
  16. cyputz

    Dave Andrews - New Football Strength Coach

    What an impressive weight staff - anxious to see results in 3-4 yrs with the new recruits and the stepped improvement in existing athletes.
  17. cyputz

    Planting trees near buried power lines

    Should also consider root growth close to sidewalks/driveways. Also insure proper depth and watering, to help with eliminating or minimizing the root reach above ground. Just saying from a friend.
  18. cyputz

    David Land named new MBB strength coach

    Hope he can network with the football weight coach
  19. cyputz

    On to 2021

    Perhaps the matches against Iowa and PSU will be on the B10 Network
  20. cyputz

    Kolat new Navy coach

    Nice hire!