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  1. 2020cy

    KO Inks 1 Year Deal w Chiefs

    I can’t believe he hasn’t settled with the Jets. It’s crazy that they completely stiffed him on that deal.
  2. 2020cy

    KO Inks 1 Year Deal w Chiefs

    Hope he’s healthy. Like the move.
  3. 2020cy

    Yellowstone NP

    We rented a house outside west entrance. Wasn’t bad. At least a half hour out though or more.
  4. 2020cy

    Comet Neowise

    I had a great view at 11 last night, below big dipper, closer to horizon. Much better with binocs.
  5. 2020cy

    Friday OT #1 - Two Guys Walk Into a Bar. The Third One Ducks.

    A skeleton walks into a bar. Orders a beer and a mop.
  6. 2020cy

    B12 revenues remain strong ...

    Our name would make sense then.
  7. 2020cy

    Big XII expansion article

    I know it’s a pipe dream, but maybe not a bad time to try to sway Norte Dame to join. They are likely to take quite a hit this year.
  8. 2020cy

    Busch Light Apple

  9. 2020cy

    Kansas City area Fanatics - living in KC advice

    Only took 8 posts for bbq to come up. I’m surprised it didn’t just turn into a big bbq fight. Nicely done (so far).
  10. 2020cy

    Anyone having a suggestion for walleye fishing in Iowa or MN?

    Always had good luck at Devils Lake. Haven’t fished it this time of year. Scenery not great. But usually decent fishing.
  11. 2020cy

    How do you take your cob

    Did some in the oven with husks on. Turned out quite well.
  12. 2020cy

    An Oral History of the 66-10 win over Texas Tech in 2016: Part I

    I left at halftime to go on a hunting trip and did not worry one bit that the game was in doubt. I’m not sure how many times I’ve had that feeling, not many especially with a conference opponent.
  13. 2020cy

    ABATE Rally in Algona

    Let’s go!
  14. 2020cy

    Central IA firewood

    Find a friend with ash trees. Buy a chainsaw.
  15. 2020cy


    They have a great kid area with alpine slide and other stuff I’m guessing that’s not open, great place to visit no matter what. Don’t take more than 2 gummy bears. Have fun.
  16. 2020cy

    Thoughts for CW...

    Well, I told him not to go to the Tipsy Crow after work everyday.
  17. 2020cy

    [For Sale] Hilton Flooring

    If it had a walking Cy I’d be in.
  18. 2020cy

    [For Sale] Hilton Flooring

    I think you should low ball them. At least offer 20K and see what they say.
  19. 2020cy

    [For Sale] Hilton Flooring