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  1. tzjung

    RECRUITING: Tyrese Hunter commits

    I have a friend in Racine who is a Marquette Grad and is really pissed we snagged this kid! Awesome we got him!
  2. tzjung

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Wow......I love how he gives himself an out with saying that "he can change his mind pending the investigation". This is by far one of his worst takes.
  3. tzjung

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Honest question here... If this player is lying because he has an axe to grind, why would he specifically say coach Parker was sympathetic? Wouldn't he be trashing all the coaches?
  4. tzjung

    Adding an egress window to basement for bedroom

    2 of my neighbors both just did this and used the same company. I'll ask them what they paid. EDIT: around 3K, same as @jdcyclone19
  5. tzjung

    Poll on what you would want to happen

    There are instances of unintentionally being racially insensitive that I could forgive. The situation in Clemson is a great example. A player said a phrase saying he blocked the wrong "N*", and the coach responded by saying "We don't say the N* around here" back to the player to stop it's...
  6. tzjung

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Hahaha! Of course Barta is a Bunker *****. There definitely is a type.
  7. tzjung

    Conor McGregor "retires"

    I'd love to see him come back and fight a boxer and get his ass kicked again. Would be perfect for Tyson. Huge pay per view opportunities and I bet a 55 yr old mike Tyson can still pack a wallop and knock McGregor into another dimension. Too bad weight difference could never allow this. :(
  8. tzjung

    Who Remembers The Beatles?

    I see 'Birthday' in bottom right. I also see 'Shout' with the megaphone Edit:. Guy drowning in Lake: 'Help'? Edit 2:. 'Blackbird' in top window
  9. tzjung

    Best Credit Card For Airline Miles

    I use the United credit card, but only because United hubs in Chicago and Denver make it much more valuable living in Des Moines Area. I have the old card program which gives double miles for each dollar on everything, and triple on United purchases. We have flown with miles with 5 people to...
  10. tzjung

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    I mean, honestly Twitter is a cesspool of the worst people who shout thier opinions as loudly as possible. I think we would see that with any fanbase.
  11. tzjung

    NBA: Duos to Never Win a Title

    Blake Griffin / CP3
  12. tzjung

    Joe Rogan moving to Spotify

    Good for him for getting paid! I know he's popular, and I've listened to a few of his shows to see what the hype is about. I guess I just don't get it, as I've hated every thing I've listened to. Maybe I am just getting I much prefer radiolab / npr / in depth knowledge discussions on...
  13. tzjung

    PS4 - RPG Recommendations

    FF7 Remake!! The nostalgia is real.
  14. tzjung

    Kansas basketball tickets

    Their lowest price season ticket last year was almost $1K! Holy smokes!
  15. tzjung

    1 Space or 2 Spaces After a Period

    I've seen this discussion on Reddit, and now it's being noted by CNN. I have a feeling this may be the next .gif (Jif vs Gif pronunciation) argument of our time!! Do you personally put 1 space or 2 spaces after a period before beginning the next sentence? (See Poll!) As a typing master who...
  16. tzjung

    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    Did you guys see the governor's office denied the register from getting the IDPH info/metrics/plan on the pandemic? Nice transparency there....:mad:
  17. tzjung

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    Stupid eh? I hope Steve turns it around. We ALL do. We just don't see the evidence that he's capable of it. You doubting our 'fanhood' is hilarious. I am an alum, my wife is an alum, we have 3 young children and most of our favorite family memories are from Cyclone affiliated events. I...
  18. tzjung

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    Hahahaha, are you comparing an NCAA tourney loss as a 3 seed to the loss @ Hilton against Florida A&M? You truly are a Prohm Cultist. Or maybe you get so burned by Hoiberg that you worship Prohm's "loyalty". It's hard to tell which one it is. One of those was a **** end to a pretty awesome...
  19. tzjung

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    You're right, we need to keep some perspective. Prohm only has the 2 worst losses in the history of Hilton Coliseum and the first 20 loss season in what...40ish years? Wait, that probably isn't the perspective you wanted us to arrive at.
  20. tzjung

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    He could not lose to Florida A&M.