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  1. CycloneJoe6

    Diante Garrett: Fred Hoiberg's original point guard

    There's another guy in Iowa State shorts as well but don't recognize him
  2. CycloneJoe6

    An eSports introduction (feedback needed)

    I wasn't able to access the survey as well. It says I need permission by the owner
  3. CycloneJoe6

    Blake Hinson Committed To ISU!

    Anyone know how Hinson is defensively?
  4. CycloneJoe6

    Big 12 v. Big East...

    Coleman-Lands revenge game
  5. CycloneJoe6

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    This dude is a stud
  6. CycloneJoe6

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    Cincinnati coach just tweeted out a dancing GIF. I think that's enough to make it officially official.
  7. CycloneJoe6

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    36% from the field this past year :confused:
  8. CycloneJoe6

    ISU NCAA Tournament Replays

    Watching this back, the amount of layups we missed in this game is truly incredible
  9. CycloneJoe6

    ISU NCAA Tournament Replays

    A loss, but still a fun one to watch. Man that UCONN team was hot
  10. CycloneJoe6

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Did this kid just struggle badly this year? 27% from 3 doesn't scream elite shooter
  11. CycloneJoe6

    Caleb Grill Transferring

    Agree with this. How many people thought Naz was going to be a big contributor after his freshman year?
  12. CycloneJoe6

    Arch Madness 2020: Drake's March to the Madness

    How ya feeling? @UNI1ISU2
  13. CycloneJoe6

    *** Official West Virginia Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Maybe I'm in the minority but I'd actually like to see Bolton take more 3's. Sometimes the defense is giving it to him but he elects for the drive instead, which tends to get blocked a lot. He's shooting almost 40% from 3 in conference play, let it fly Rasir!
  14. CycloneJoe6

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Conditt's regression isn't ideal
  15. CycloneJoe6

    B12 bball "season thread"

    With Texas beating TCU last night. we're only 1 game back from 6th place guys :cool:
  16. CycloneJoe6

    The Fran fade

    Fredrick done for the year. Yikes.
  17. CycloneJoe6

    Starting Lineup Post Halliburton?

    I remember after those first couples games, I thought Jacobson was in for a huge year :rolleyes:
  18. CycloneJoe6

    This is why Prohm must go........

    I was more trying to argue against a team like West Virginia, who start 2 true bigs who don't shoot 3's and space the floor. Even Texas played 2 true big most of the game. Why not try to match their lineups?
  19. CycloneJoe6

    This is why Prohm must go........

    One question I have: Why won't Prohm even try to play Conditt and Young together? At this point in the season you have absolutely nothing to lose and Jacobson won't even be here next year. Like a previous poster said, any lineup with Jacobson in it is terrible offensively. What does he bring to...