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  1. dirtyninety

    New Third Quarter/Fourth Quarter song....

  2. dirtyninety

    heisman show...

    no thread on this yet.....watching. I really have tried to give Baker Mayfield a true chance to be likeable....but he just is not. If he is undefeated now he probably wins heisman despite being a douche. If he more of a noble gentleman, maybe he wins it anyway despite the loss...
  3. dirtyninety

    Does Everybody know what time it is?

    Make this thread great again.
  4. dirtyninety

    The uniforms...

    Those 49er uniforms are the best looking uniforms in sports. We should look similar. Just Saying....for like the hundreth time. Liberty Bowl.
  5. dirtyninety

    Kenny Pratt on CyclonesTV right now....

    Big8 tourney championship game against KU. Are there any computer science guys at ISU?? Can they do digital restoration at all? It is like watching the Zapruder film. It must suck being a KU know, looking at yourself in the mirror and such.
  6. dirtyninety

    Very Off Topic.....need to buy teenage girl a shirt with "NIANG" on back. Help pleas

    I did check out CF sponsor "Campus Town" stuff, just not what I am dealing with a teenage girl. Need Help. Niang or other cool tshirt. other cool basketball shirt might be ok. I have looked at the Cys Locker room site too.
  7. dirtyninety

    Reasons to strongly dislike Nebraska football: thier two "trophy" games.....

    From what I remember, they used to have the victory bell with Missouri.....then they got all 1990's media savvy and wanted a piece of some television money and went Big ten. From the same guys who brought you the CyHawk Corn Druid trophy, they got the "Heroes" trophy and the "Freedom" trophy...
  8. dirtyninety

    Hawk radio ad with Dolphin saying that they are "returning to the NCAA tournament"

    I have to ask. Were they in the tournament last year or not?
  9. dirtyninety

    Jamie needs to give whoever did this a life-time athletic pass.........

    Go to the CyHawk gigapixel photo........
  10. dirtyninety

    Could someone please re-post the Iowa banner parody.....I NEED...please......

    I don't ask for much.... but I really need this and will save it this time.....too funny. Thank you. I need it so bad I will take the abuse of starting a thread.
  11. dirtyninety

    2014 Superbowl Halftime show performer:

    Let's see....from the top of my head in recent history: we had Janet Jackson breast, then a series of geriatric, senile citizen rockers Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Rolling Bones, Aerosmitty, The Who, and Bruce Springstien(hahaha) I think. Tom Petty was the best of those. Then we had the...
  12. dirtyninety

    If SF wins, should the Cyclones adopt thier very nice looking uniforms?

    Uniform thread. I could not resist.
  13. dirtyninety

    Jason Witten was a fighting Cyclone....

    just saw that on the "nfl honors" what a wierd show. I there any aspect of life left where I don't have to have an award show where Lindsay Lohan or Justin Timberlake doesn't influence a large part of public opinion? Witten is a stud though.
  14. dirtyninety

    nice to see Penn st. kids play with heart.....

    Wish we had that mcgoin guy as a qb option. beat big red......gotta a feeling there will be a lot of holding calls against Penn st. in second half. Not a fan of the penn state nation....just to see a bunch of kids play for each other well when it would be easy for them to mail it in.....I am...
  15. dirtyninety

    anybody watching WNBA Lynx versus Sparks on ABC?

    Just wondering.