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  1. HitItHard58

    AEW Double or Nothing Figured a legit TV deal announcement and their first PPV coming up in 10 days deserved a thread.
  2. HitItHard58

    It Chapter 2

  3. HitItHard58

    Golden Globes/Oscars 2019 Anybody seen any of these yet? As usual I'm going to try to watch as many as possible. Went to A Star is Born a while back and really liked it. Watched Blackkklansman last night and enjoyed it more than I expected. Just got back from the theater and...
  4. HitItHard58

    Alex Thomsen Underwood

    I know it's just a tad early but does anyone know if he's getting any looks from ISU or any schools in general yet? No clue how early the recruiting process starts with wrestling but seems like a kid a lot of teams would be interested in at this stage. Also wouldn't mind getting opinions on his...
  5. HitItHard58

    Coachella on AXSTV

    Directv channel 340. Starts tonight at 8 and goes all weekend. More than 30 hours of coverage between tonight and early monday morning. Stumbled on it last year, recorded all of it, and slowly made my way through. Discovered a lot of great bands I hadn't listened to before and fast forwarded...
  6. HitItHard58

    Profile pic issues

    Having trouble adding a profile pic. What format should I be using? Any tips/advice would be much appreciated!
  7. HitItHard58

    I know we've beaten a dead horse enough but just one more thing....

    Anybody remember this? Griner Ejected After Punching Opponent - YouTube Griner was only suspended 2 games for deliberately trying to take somebody's head off and still managed to be the media darling throughout her career. We all know it's ridiculous that BYU fans think Kane should be...
  8. HitItHard58

    deanvogs or any other Iowa fans please enlighten me about Woodbury

    So my oldest brother is a big time Iowa fan and we were talking about basketball a couple weeks ago. Iowa came up and after a couple minutes of reasonable (my bro is very intelligent and mostly neutral/realistic guy) convo, he made a comment about Woodbury going to the NBA. Can't remember if...
  9. HitItHard58

    Iowa State Basketball 2013-14 Reload

    Put together a little highlight video for this season. Figured I would accomplish something @ night while our week old daughter holds me hostage from sleep. I had one almost completely done a couple days ago that had a lot more to it but saved it wrong and couldn't edit what I wanted so had to...
  10. HitItHard58

    Ejm on the boards

    Just wondering how many boards everybody thinks Mel will average this year. Seems to be a lot of people expecting him to up his numbers from last year and average a dub dub but I don't see it happening. This is not at all because I don't think he's capable but I think we will be much better on...
  11. HitItHard58

    Hate to rehash but.....

    ....finally watched the Tech replay and I have to vent a little. If I hear anybody yell "Just get rid of it!" @ Sam Richardson for the rest of the season, I might completely lose my ****. Whether live and in person @ JTS or watching on TV with friends and family, there always seems to be...