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  1. cb1030

    8/10 weather

    It was crazy to see how fast people jumped on resources here in the Des Moines metro. We had a huge tree come down and my chainsaw is too small to deal with it so I ran to fleetfarm shortly after the storm passed. I grabbed the second to last chainsaw in the store from a pallet that they had...
  2. cb1030

    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    Got notified my results were in this morning just a minute ago, tested negative. Test was done Thursday afternoon.
  3. cb1030

    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    Now I'm just refreshing my email every 5 min waiting for results that probably won't come until next week.
  4. cb1030

    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    Just got back from getting tested at a TestIowa site. No line, was quick and easy. Not seeing where people say it's painful. Did it feel good? No, but not painful either. Just a little awkward for 5 seconds and it's over.
  5. cb1030

    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    Getting the dreaded nostril test this afternoon. Have had some headaches and a sore throat this last week, but nothing more severe than that. I have contact with someone battling cancer and quite a few older folks, so I just felt like it was the responsible thing to do just to be sure I'm not...
  6. cb1030

    OT: That's It, I Quit!

    That's funny, the smell of that T-shirt after only two weeks and repeated washes is what really sticks with me all these years later. It kinda ruined smoked meats for me for a while too, but that part has luckily faded.
  7. cb1030

    OT: That's It, I Quit!

    The only job I've ever quit without giving appropriate notice was a short stint in the kitchen at hickory park. I was assigned to the meat slicer station and given zero training. I was basically told to not cut my finger off and what depth to set the slicer at. Hadn't had anyone complain about...
  8. cb1030

    COVID-19 Unemployed/Employed Roll Call Poll

    Work in a small office with six other employees. Unlike a lot of other employers we were talking about contingency plans very early on starting in late January or early February. Since most of what we do is online we all were able to start working remotely in March and continue to do so. We just...
  9. cb1030

    New home wiring cost

    My parents just remodeled a rental they bought from a bank at auction that needed a lot of love. New panel and basically a complete gut job. I think my dad said he paid 8k for the electrical. Agree with what others have said. If the drywall is intact it makes for a much bigger job. If you have...
  10. cb1030

    Jalen Coleman-Lands Commits to ISU

    I've been critical of Steve, but I'm willing to give credit where it's due. Needed to have some transfers with talent to inject some life for next season, and he's delivered now. Good job Steve.
  11. cb1030

    Woodworkers Thread

    I'm at the tail end of making shaker cabinet doors for my entire kitchen. Currently working on the last 15 doors. Made 40 or so total. I just used a 1/4 inch router bit and made sure that it was precisely spaced in the center of 3/4 inch poplar. Cut each piece long so I can take some off on...
  12. cb1030

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    Your questions are based on inaccurate assumptions. Your first, that I'm just being negative, isn't accurate. I'm merely reacting to the reality of the situation. It's a reflection of actual results. You may want to refer to that as being negative, but I disagree. This isn't like I'm nit-picking...
  13. cb1030

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Those dumb ratings have become more of a self label for the person issuing them. Total self own at this point. At first I was annoyed, but now I find myself chuckling. It's sort of perfect.
  14. cb1030

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    Hey, fun! We're into the blame the fans for reacting to the bad reality portion of the recruiting cycle. I'm surprised you can even see us from that high horse you're perched on.
  15. cb1030

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    It always comes after the poor result, not before. For now I'll be told that I don't know what next year will be like and that I'm just being needlessly negative.
  16. cb1030

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    I have little patience for the "can we wait to have a meltdown" statements because the goalposts are constantly being moved. After we finish in the bottom half of the league next year they'll move them again and excuse the poor state of the program because "it was always going to be a rebuilding...
  17. cb1030

    DeJulius Thread: What I'm hearing

    Don't panic everyone! I'm sure Steve will turn this around by year 10. LOL People still supporting him have completely lost their minds.
  18. cb1030

    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    Just got a picture text from a buddy who's aunt is driving home to Des Moines from Madison. Looks like a convoy of military vehicles is headed the same way. I know that's not unusual in terms of something you might see occasionally, but given the timing it could mean a more substantial shutdown.
  19. cb1030

    Terrence Lewis transferring

    Really? A sarcastic comment like this is the worst thing on the internet?
  20. cb1030

    Terrence Lewis transferring

    I'm starting to think you're actually Steve with how much time you've spent trying to defend this dumpster fire. Steve, please spend more time on actual defense, like on the court...