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  1. Sigmapolis

    Now that we are having football this fall (hopefully) will fans be able to go.

    Yes, like that. This place is close enough/bad enough sometimes even if relatively tranquil and benevolently moderated.
  2. Sigmapolis

    Now that we are having football this fall (hopefully) will fans be able to go.

    Never had one. It is nonetheless pretty obvious to see what it has done to society broadly even if you've never participated.
  3. Sigmapolis

    Positive Covid News

    Well, I guess there is *one* piece of positive news in this... ...but there are three bad ones.
  4. Sigmapolis

    Now that we are having football this fall (hopefully) will fans be able to go.

    Social media in 2005 -- "Oh, this is cool! Now I can keep in touch with my friends from high school!" Social media in 2020 -- "I wish I could forget everything about my friends from high school."
  5. Sigmapolis

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    This quote comes to mind -- I know all of us hate Nebraska for the decades they tormented us on the field, their hypocritical conduct when it came to B12 revenue sharing and ensuring the stability of the conference, and then their actions nearly leading Iowa State to fall out of the P5 into...
  6. Sigmapolis

    The 69,420 celebration of Cyrocksmypants

    What % of those are Cave posts?
  7. Sigmapolis

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    I am looking to date Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman, and Scarlett Johansson, but it isn't happening. Eventually everybody is going to get sick of their antics.
  8. Sigmapolis

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    They see the United States, despite our best efforts to the contrary, as a stable and safe investment. I know we have our problems, but we are graded on a curve versus various authoritarian regimes with little respect for the rule of law and private property. Owning a home in Los Angeles...
  9. Sigmapolis

    Former Cyclones combine for 66 points in Monday’s NBA action

    It is amazing how much these guys have improved since their time in Ames. They were very good college players, but their continued development arcs are very impressive. Matt Thomas is basically turning into a starter-quality NBA 2-3 man at this point.
  10. Sigmapolis

    Joel Klatt makes a case for the 2020 season

    It is cute that you are only now coming onboard with this reality. Institutions -- nonprofit, public/private, whatever their mission, etc. -- have collective self-interests and the individual members participating in them have their own self-interests, as well. This is no less true with state...
  11. Sigmapolis

    Iowa and Nebraska only B1G schools to vote to play

    Iowa and Nebraska can just play a best of 11 then. We'd still watch if it was the only thing on. Winner receives the "Big Two Conference" championship trophy.
  12. Sigmapolis

    STANZ: Re-imaging college football through geography

    I did a similar "8x10" exercise at one point. I originally had UConn instead of Army for the Northeast Conference, but they now need the downgrade at this point. I imagine you can replace Army and Navy with UConn and probably somebody like VCU for basketball.
  13. Sigmapolis

    Iowa State and UNLV agree to modify football contract

    Rock 'n' roll is a fad. It'll never last.
  14. Sigmapolis

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    The fact he ended up being a bad player makes me feel just fine about it. It is not like we lost a good one. Wright IV would have been an excellent player for us, but that was more about Wigginton than McNeill.
  15. Sigmapolis

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    I cannot articulate how badly we have missed a guy like this for some time now -- somebody who takes pride in his defense and hopefully will get in somebody's face if they are not showing comparable effort or study behind them on D.
  16. Sigmapolis

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    Super short guys can be viable in a high-major conference (or even the NBA), but they have to have some exceptional skill or athleticism to make it so. Monté was pretty small but had all-timer PG skills. Harris is always going to be small, but I hope he is a twitchy athlete where that does not...
  17. Sigmapolis

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    SG in a PG body.
  18. Sigmapolis


    New Orleans wears it very well down south -- then again, their black is for the Louisiana oil industry and their gold has a royal feel about it, so it works for them.