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  1. CheapClone1202

    Jaylin Noel Commits!

  2. CheapClone1202

    College Baseball Twitter Account/Website Re-Brand

    Love Divison 1 Dugout/D1Dugout, but I worry it would not look good as "D1Baseball" is the #1 site in the game.
  3. CheapClone1202

    College Baseball Twitter Account/Website Re-Brand

    Looks like that's taken :/
  4. CheapClone1202

    College Baseball Twitter Account/Website Re-Brand

    Hello all, obviously we do not have a baseball team to embrace (which is probably a good thing given our athletic performance since November), however I am still very passionate about the sport. I run a twitter account, @cws_247, feel free to follow, or not, doesn't matter, but I am looking to...
  5. CheapClone1202

    CMC + CW Book List

    Been meaning to get into reading in 2020, and as I sit and listen to the most recent off the record podcast, I think it would be fantastic to see CW and CMC come together and make a long list full of great reads sometime.
  6. CheapClone1202

    "IT SUCKED": ISU suffers historic setback to Florida A&M at Hilton Coliseum

    I’m not 100% off of Prohm yet but seriously can Matt Campbell coach basketball? As dumb as it sounds, we know he can at least motivate better. Obviously X’s and O’s Are another story.
  7. CheapClone1202

    Other than the outcome of the game ...

    beat me, and the rest of cyfan, to it
  8. CheapClone1202

    Ohio State staff pants

    I’m glad my semi drunk post about pants turned into a commentary on the dark spot next to Ryan Day’s penis. But seriously I want those pants.
  9. CheapClone1202

    Ohio State staff pants

    Ridiculous question- but I’ve noticed the last 2 seasons, particularly in the big ten championship and this years playoff that the Ohio State coaching staff rocks fantastic pairs of pants. Now they look like pretty standard grey dress pants but does anyone know of a way I can find the exact pair...
  10. CheapClone1202

    Bowl Game Uniforms

    The uniforms we wore against TCU were the best ISU uniform combo in my lifetime, I’ll hang up and listen.
  11. CheapClone1202

    Gift for mom on anniversary of Dad’s death

    Definition of off topic here, but my dad died 17 years ago today. I’m only 21 so I’m not overly effected, but I want to get my mom something and I’m not sure what. Do I go with flowers? If so, which kind? Something else? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  12. CheapClone1202

    Iowa Basketball's Super Bowl

    Wondering where I can turn my fan card in as I would actually not die to play in a cyhawk game in any sport. I know. I hate myself too.
  13. CheapClone1202

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    Iowa State and let downs? Doesn’t add up
  14. CheapClone1202

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    My rankings, regardless of likelihood Tier 1: Camping World vs Notre Dame, Alamo Bowl vs anyone, Liberty vs good SEC team Tier 2: Texas A&M in the Texas Bowl Tier 3: SEC team in the Liberty Bowl Tier 4: Camping world vs anyone else Tier 5: Liberty bowl vs group of 5
  15. CheapClone1202

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    What time are we gonna know when all of this is final? Anyone have a schedule of when each bowl announces?
  16. CheapClone1202

    Joe Burrow Recruitment

    This was long before I followed recruiting, but how close were we to actually landing Burrow? And did the staff show strong interest after he left Ohio State?
  17. CheapClone1202

    Black Friday-What are you buying?

    Turning 21 in 5 days. So I’m getting a mini fridge for the basement. For uh... pop.
  18. CheapClone1202

    We're Going Bowling

    I believe regardless of record it’s choice of the bowl themselves. Outside of the Sugar who automatically gets the best available team, I think whoever has #2 big 12 priority could choose whichever team they want. In theory the Alamo Bowl could happen again (but Baylor fans would riot).
  19. CheapClone1202

    K-State Game Roll Call Etc

    Looking into heading to Manhattan in 2 weeks, obviously a bit away but anyone else planning on being in attendance? And is the view from the 400 section terrible or no? Tix are dirt cheap up there.
  20. CheapClone1202

    Right down the ole Assalley

    we are talking about different plays. I’m saying the previous 3rd down. Before Texas was called offsides on the kick. In that situation, they had 0 timeouts, and we chose to stop the clock with an incomplete pass instead of running, as we agree on, to set Assalley (or Narveson) up in a good...