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  1. twojman

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    Could be but I'd guess it won't happen unless Big 12, SEC and ACC are able to pull off most of their season.
  2. twojman

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    We all know Grant of Rights (GOR) is a big deal. I've heard GOR is null and void if football isn't played. This means B1G, Pac-12 and MWC have open season against them...if this is true. How many schools would want to jump? VERY few. Maybe 1 in B1G and 2-4 in Pac-12.
  3. twojman

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    Let them reap what they've sown.
  4. twojman

    Sonya Heitshusen was forced out at Ch 13

    I'm no Trump fan but both of these two had tears in their eyes on election night when he was announced as the winner.
  5. twojman

    Comet Neowise

    Spur of the moment I got my kids out of bed around 11 and we all drove west of Grimes to see the comet. We could all see it without the binoculars but get an even better view them. We have a weak telescope, I might bring it out tonight and try to catch another view. I thought it was worth...
  6. twojman

    Anyone Use T-Mobile?

    We've had T-Mobile for several years and have really liked it. We have 5 lines and pay right $142/month. We go to eastern and western Iowa a decent amount of time and we don't have issues with service anymore, we used too. There might be a dead spot on 141 but it is only for a few minutes, not...
  7. twojman

    [For Sale] Hilton Flooring

    I'd have interest. Maybe instead of a PM, start a new post? Seems like there are quite a few with interest.
  8. twojman

    Weed killer

    We are starting to have issues with creeping charlie and clover.I have no idea where all this clover came from. Dandelions are finally under control but these popped up now. What the heck?
  9. twojman

    Grant Miniseries

    I've like it so far, really like the story around Vicksburg including the first time freed slaves fought. Just hearing more details about that campaign I was surprised at how close to losing the North was in a couple of those battles...and I was a history major. I guess I focused more on the...
  10. twojman

    Dave Andrews - New Football Strength Coach

    There was a strength issue for sure in the bowl game vs ND. If we had the best strength coach ever it would have helped but their talent was also much better. ISU has a long ways to go to keep up with the big guys. If Campbell stays long term and this strength coach is as good as we think he...
  11. twojman

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    Just for giggles I checked recruiting ranking for ISU from 2001-2020 via 24/7. This is how, on average, ISU ended up against the rest of the FBS in that time. McCarney averaged 47.33 ranking, Chizik had 56.5, Rhoads was 64.6 and Campbell is 50.8. McCarney took chances on a lot of guys and they...
  12. twojman

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    Three of the guys I was thinking of from that team, Leonard Johnson, Ter'Ran Benton and Jake McDonough were Chizik recruits. Maggitt was a Chizik recruit too. Rumpelheimer did well in Canada I believe and he was a Chizik recruit. I know Klein and Knott were Rhoads guys. There was some guys that...
  13. twojman

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    Were those Rhoads guys or guys he inherited from Chizik?
  14. twojman

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    Pretty bad. 9 teams without a draft pick. Freaking Kansas had a player drafted! ISU had two guys drafted last year but either in this thread or another someone posted all the guys ISU has had drafted over the last 10 and 20 years and it is pretty small. ISU has a long ways to go as far as...
  15. twojman

    Iowa fans rubbing in cyclone fans faces how many get drafted..

    That's a small number of guys going pro. Campbell is doing well with the low talent we have but we need to up the recruiting game if you want to see higher Big 12 finishes.
  16. twojman

    Get your stimulus check payment

    Today I finally stopped getting that "Cannot determine eligibility" message. The message said I was eligible but they needed my dd info. I gave them account info as well as my previous AGI and amount we owed for our last filing. The site will update our payment date once it is available...
  17. twojman

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Man I hope so. Four full seasons and we've not been great yet and basically starting over next season.
  18. twojman

    4-23-20 Big Board Update: Adding two names for Iowa State

    So....we gonna get anyone or what?
  19. twojman

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Man, I'm a Cyclone fan but OL has not been good for the most part his entire tenure. CMC is a great coach but ISU has got to get some talent. We've gone 47 years without a first round pick for crying out loud. We're pinning our hopes on a long snapper getting drafted this season.
  20. twojman

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    Iowa State is so far behind teams in terms of talent. This is such a testament to CMC and the job he's done so far. We'll need talent upgrades if we are going to see higher win totals. 47 years since ISU has had a first round draft pick. I believe longest streak of any P5 schools.