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  1. JM4CY

    MLB: ***2020 MLB Season Thread***

    My name is JM4CY and I approve this message.
  2. JM4CY

    Wrong headline - buffalo - human encounter

    I had a run in with a grizzly last summer in Glacier while hiking. It wasn’t aggressive at all but wow... those are amazing creatures. Wish it a wasn’t so early in the hike, had to smell my undies the last 7 miles of it.
  3. JM4CY

    Ames urbanization and densification

    Staying in Somerset tonight actually. Kinda pissed Walabys doesn’t do take out tonight. Hopefully just cuz their too busy. Ordered Jeff’s. Cheese sticks were good but man, no Gumby’s (RIP).
  4. JM4CY

    Texas Preview of The Clones

    I totally agree. I don’t know that I consider them a “rival” ...but goddamnit I really hate those guys.
  5. JM4CY

    Big 12 releases updated conference schedule

    Oh my god....
  6. JM4CY

    Winter sports most likely moved to 2021

    Given what this wrestling team has potential to be and do this year, here’s to praying to God they have as normal a season as possible.
  7. JM4CY

    Winter sports most likely moved to 2021

  8. JM4CY

    Jamie Pollard gives further details on plans for Jack Trice Stadium in 2020

    Limit losses and try to show ur committed to producing for your fans.
  9. JM4CY

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    That made me legit lol
  10. JM4CY

    All Iowa Football Team---Post Bowl Edition

  11. JM4CY

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    I don’t know. I am a bit rusty on my Jayhawks football news. All I remember is that one kid getting off likely easy after being accused or convicted of rape or something similar.
  12. JM4CY

    Would you rather be in the big 12 or the big 10?

    I get that. I do. But there is zero history there. I mean the hawks and huskers have been playing and they are “geographic” rivals and its still a nothingburger compared what I’m pretty sure would happen if we played them again if even just one time.
  13. JM4CY

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    This exactly why I have no doubt in my mind that any player that might be modestly good that goes there has to be getting some serious cash under the table.
  14. JM4CY

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    The fact you just used the term “KU side” as opposed to KU corner or KU section is just hilarious and a testament to how few fans suffer through those games. They can’t even fill half their stadium. “An KU side and a visitor side” lol. Like it’s a damn HS game or something and not a P5 D1...
  15. JM4CY

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Currently waiting for little JM to get back from surgery. Getting his tubes out. It literally sounds like some sick child torture chamber in here. I’ve never in my life heard not one, but like 5 blood curdling screams so loud they start gasping because they can’t breath. Might of chose the wrong...
  16. JM4CY

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    Demand from all their fans got that high huh?
  17. JM4CY

    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    That’s kinda fun. I’m gonna have to catch some of that