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  1. CyArob

    8/10 weather

    Dang, I thought the storms in MSP were bad last night, but Iowa got it way worse
  2. CyArob

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    I heard Kirk and Brian are being suspended for the fall. Comes straight from Barta, FYI.
  3. CyArob

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    The reasoning is we still don't know the long term effects of the virus (i.e. heart/respiratory issues)
  4. CyArob

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    This is great except for all the reviews
  5. CyArob

    Alert: Site downtime on Wednesday (8-4-20) AM

    If I don't make it through the transition, investigate @Doc
  6. CyArob

    Massive explosion in Beirut

    Keep in mind that was 2 tons of explosives and this in Beirut was 2,750 tons.
  7. CyArob

    Massive explosion in Beirut

    Some of the people filming that are surely dead
  8. CyArob

    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    Watching Georges guard LeBron is something.
  9. CyArob

    Big XII ADs Split on Schedule - Presidents Voting on Monday

    I assume we play UNLV with South Dakota andaand Ball State as backup options due to financial and future scheduling considerations
  10. CyArob

    New strength coach

    I mean we barely beat UNI and Drake recently...
  11. CyArob

    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    That was probably the worst game Niang has played in the league, unfortunately.
  12. CyArob

    The world needs sports ...

    The world is getting sports back. We might not because we couldn't be bothered to wear masks for 4 months.
  13. CyArob

    ***2020 CF Olympic Games***

    I lost my license
  14. CyArob

    ***2020 CF Olympic Games***

    uh oh, i only got 7 right trying to go off of the 2018 olympic bobsled track...
  15. CyArob

    ***2020 CF Olympic Games***

    So jelly of our medals
  16. CyArob

    ***2020 CF Olympic Games***

    Take the night off if that's the case
  17. CyArob

    ***2020 CF Olympic Games***

    We're #3! We're #3! We're #3!
  18. CyArob

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Has anyone ever seen people doing photoshoots at the top of a parking ramp before? I had never seen this before, but have now noticed it three times in the past month. Is this some trendy Zoomer thing?
  19. CyArob


    Jared right now
  20. CyArob

    Cyclone State

    Washington, lol