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  1. Acylum

    Positive Covid News

    Agree with both points. The anti- malarial connection has actually been known for a while now. I think it’s fascinating how therapeutic treatments for a parasite can lead to resistance for a coronavirus. I guess that’s why I did what I did for 32 years.
  2. Acylum

    Wrong headline - buffalo - human encounter

    Before my first backpacking trip out west a friend told me if I get charged by a grizzly to go up a tree since they can’t climb trees. Never got too close to a grizzly, but upon returning home, I had several emails from him telling me to ignore that advice, as he’d had since seen videos of...
  3. Acylum

    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    I know of two people, family members, who were positive for ABs but never tested for the active virus. Both of their physicians, different individuals, told them they would not be counted as infected and recovered. Edit: by “not counted” they meant never counted. Both physicians were at...
  4. Acylum

    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    Your last 10 words give me goosebumps. Probably the #1 reason I want to see the three remaining conferences pull this off.
  5. Acylum

    Positive Covid News

    Another factor, not mentioned in the article, is the surprisingly large number of people who have a natural immunity without exposure. Research in that area is ramping up to look at the possibilities of using those people in vaccine development. It’s really interesting...
  6. Acylum

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    I’m pretty sure the spring football narrative is to keep their players in place. Because, you know, everything is done with the best interests of the players in mind.
  7. Acylum

    Positive Covid News
  8. Acylum

    Covid vaccine trial - my experience

    “Patient #91” sounds like a movie title.
  9. Acylum

    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    Well then they may as well shut down their athletic departments. Because they won’t be playing in 2021 either.
  10. Acylum

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    I didn't hear a single person on the radio yesterday who thought there would actually be spring football. I think a lot of factors went into the b1g's decision, but I don't think they thought through the whole spring football thing very well.
  11. Acylum

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    Yeah I don't know how your commissioner can spout off about "making every decision based on the health and well - being of our athletes" and then have two seasons of football in a 9 month span.
  12. Acylum

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Nothing, I'm just saying it's fair to criticize him. He was getting excoriated all day on the radio yesterday. Just to be clear, I'm not the one saying that. I have no idea what his qualifications are.
  13. Acylum

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    To be fair, the b1g commissioner has shown a Dan Beebe level of incompetence so far.
  14. Acylum

    From testing plans to temporary members, Bowlsby details Big 12’s plan for moving forward with football

    So you’re concerned they’re getting a higher standard of care than the average person? Or a higher standard of care compared to athletes that won’t be allowed to play their sport? Or what exactly?
  15. Acylum

    Appears we open up @TCU on Sept. 26

    Wait- I thought it was common knowledge it went 12-2 with Iowa and Nebbie being the 2. Was that incorrect?
  16. Acylum

    Appears we open up @TCU on Sept. 26

    Well they voted for no fall season so not sure why he’s complaining.
  17. Acylum

    Money and Kicking the Can down the road.

    Or inner cities across the U.S. Apparently some kids don’t matter though.
  18. Acylum

    Big Ten Is Expected To Cancel Its Football Season

    Good thing somebody started a thread about it. I had no idea.
  19. Acylum

    Jack Hoiberg Earns Scholly

    It just seems like a very Frannie Mac- type of thing to give some undeserving,white guy walk-on a schollie. Not something I'd expect to see at MSU.