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  1. Cycsk

    Knoxville Raceway seating

    Schatz just had to replace an engine before hot laps.
  2. Cycsk

    Knoxville Raceway seating

    Thanks Curt. Keep giving me the inside scoop on who to cheer for and what to know so that I can pretend that I actually know what I'm doing there tonight!
  3. Cycsk

    Knoxville Raceway seating

    How early do we need to arrive to get a decent seat?
  4. Cycsk

    Now that we are having football this fall (hopefully) will fans be able to go.

    Lots of "thoughts." Not so much "inside info." In fact, no one has even made reference to the fact that the Athletic Department is still going about their work of distributing tickets and parking passes. I called last week and they confirmed that I got my preferred RV lot assignment. Perhaps...
  5. Cycsk

    Knoxville Raceway seating

    Come on. "David Gravel!" What kind of a name is that for a dirt track racer?
  6. Cycsk

    Knoxville Raceway seating

    Probably should have just PM'd you! :D
  7. Cycsk

    8/10 weather

    Wheatsfield Coop in Ames is still closed with a sign that says "No Power." :confused:
  8. Cycsk

    Knoxville Raceway seating

    All of Knoxville Raceway seating is General Admission for World of Outlaws this weekend. We have never been there before, but intend to go this weekend. Hoping some of you can give us recommendations on where to sit? Thanks in advance. Frontstretch? Near Turn 1, middle, or near Turn 4...
  9. Cycsk

    Louisiana Added to Schedule

    If we take care of business, this will give us a nice little boost in the rankings right from Week 1.
  10. Cycsk

    From testing plans to temporary members, Bowlsby details Big 12’s plan for moving forward with football

    That's also how they know that heart damage hasn't occurred.
  11. Cycsk

    Passionate Plea To Diehard Cyclone Fanatics

    I've really scaled back my presence on the site in recent months for various personal reasons. However, I've increased my donations. is not just a website, it is a community . . . and it really needs our help right now.
  12. Cycsk

    The 69,420 celebration of Cyrocksmypants

    Anybody else notice the phrase "Not Secure" near the top of his screenshot?
  13. Cycsk

    Primetime Dion Sanders Joins Barstool Sports

    We need a "yawn" emoji! Not sure he has ever said anything that I would want to hear.
  14. Cycsk

    8/10 weather

    Usually, we have threads for days in anticipation of a storm that may not even come. This thread wasn't started until after 11am (after the storm had already hit).
  15. Cycsk

    PODCAST: Williams & Blum: The Ice Age Cometh?

    It's Wednesday and the podcast still holds up. Still hoping for the Big 12 to find a way to play some games this fall.
  16. Cycsk

    Big Ten and Pac-12 cancel 2020 fall football seasons

    I don't believe you. Nice try.
  17. Cycsk

    Big Ten and Pac-12 cancel 2020 fall football seasons

    Rather than focus on the content of this post, I will comment on its style. I like how Jared is able to start a thread with a header graphic (or whatever you call it) that fits the topic. First time I've seen that feature. I assume it is part of the website facelift. Nice. Can I use my own...
  18. Cycsk

    Oliver Martin transferring again

    I was a big fan of Oliver Martin coming out of high school. Exceptional talent. Great work ethic. Never seen someone run the drills at camp as well as he did. May have peaked too early. Or maybe he just didn't like the "football is everything" lifestyle. I still suspect he will land on his...
  19. Cycsk

    Sonya Heitshusen was forced out at Ch 13

    This describes most of the talking heads on TV news. "Pretty cut and dried."