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    Not ideal but there are a lot of beds in the DM Metro area.
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    4th of July lots of bonfires, firerings etc...
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    Ku case to be heard by independent panel ...

    @surly, prepare for KSU to get a 50% loss of scholarship for 5 yrs LOL.
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    ABATE Rally in Algona

    Well we'll start it out of the cave. ABATE is holding their rally on their own land. If you're a biker are you planning on attending have you been to it in the past? I'm not a biker but I personally think I would take a pass on this if it were me. For anyone who goes stay safe and have a fun time.
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    If she's been lurking, she's already formed her judgments.
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    72 yrs old should have known better, and died too late to help clean up the gene pool.
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    WRNL - Farmageddon Trophy Contest

    This is so simple all we need is a antique tractor cardinal and gold one side purple and silver on the other. Plaque on the front we can write the W+Ls on earlier yrs behind the seat. Instead we'll end up with some take off of the pewter family.
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    WRNL - Farmageddon Trophy Contest

    We were looking at it from 2 different perspectives. Sorry about the mix up. Yep your way could have some pretty crazy consequences.
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    WRNL - Farmageddon Trophy Contest

    Heck if Texas can let Bevo run around and OU has their ponies and wagon. ISU and KSU ought to be able to come up with a couple of kids in farm ops to be able to safely drive an old JD A or B around. @20eyes has offered to donate the tractor.
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    I lost my job

    Update your resume, contact your peers and see if they know of any openings. Start using your contacts that you've built up thru the yrs. Keep a positive attitude, and keep looking. @Rabbuk upgraded jobs during the Covid might want to drop him a pm. Rabbuk sorry for dragging you into this...
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    Minivan, she's probably someone's wife good thing she's got a solid bod, the common sense gene seems to be low.
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    NYC screwed up sending sick people back to the nursing homes.
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    North Shore MN recommendations

    I would think either set of bikes would be fine IMO. I wonder how well some of those map apps will stay on up there though, cell service use to be pretty spotty up there many yrs ago. Might not hurt to carry a paper map with you just in case. Have a great trip!
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    Blake Hinson Committed To ISU!

    That season was rough but I went down to the Puerto Rico/Myrtle beach tourney. That was a fun weekend too bad the rest of the season went down hill. Injuries did that team no favors. If I'm thinking about the wrong team sorry about that and ignore. Last yrs team was just flat out bad IMO and...
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    That person is way too entitled. Hopefully she gets multiple flat tires on the way home. Also that's probably the only time I've ever heard of someone using a hotel safe.
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    I thought maybe you'd killed her and stuffed her in your freezer, been a long time since I've seen her post in any thread on CF.
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    Well from following a couple of threads on Surly Texans aren't well received and wear your mask in public places. @Doc, @Colorado any advice for this guy?
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    North Shore MN recommendations

    Is that the fall that used to be really easy to get to from the Canadian side? Before needing passports you could jump the border go into Canada a couple of miles (?) and park at a unmarked pullover and follow a trail with no signs to a huge waterfall that had a broken down log flume next to it...
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    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    Was it racism probably, but was it actually taking a jab at George Floyds drug use yep. Best thing to have done would have been to ignore him IMO. But now he has his 5 minutes of social media "fame". Edit read further into the thread about him being in far right groups if there is a pattern...
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    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    So bike shop kid is out?