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  1. Messi

    Breweries to survive coronavirus?

  2. Messi

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    he’d be smart to head closer to home. Almost a lock for a waiver if he plays that card
  3. Messi

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    hes not a grad transfer in the portal. no idea what his eligibility will be
  4. Messi

    Oliver Martin Enters Transfer Portal

  5. Messi

    ****Official Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread****

    no isu connection but a central iowa kid picking up mid major offers
  6. Messi

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    this was a really weird recruitment but i guess thats par for the course this summer
  7. Messi

    Newcomers updated height, weight, and numbers

    Please update thread title to Pics of basketball players working out
  8. Messi

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    using CBB Reference last year ISU only had 1 top 100 player on their roster (Terrence Lewis)
  9. Messi

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!
  10. Messi

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    Wisconsin natives from 2010 on have been for the most part very kind to ISU Tyrese Haliburton Terrence Lewis Donovan Jackson - via juco Darrell Bowie - via NIU Nick Noskowiak - should this even count? lol Deonte Burton - via Marquette Jameel McKay - via Marquette Matt Thomas Korie Lucious - via...
  11. Messi

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    im not disagreeing he was run off, i just question whether penny is going to admit to that given hes already got NCAA eyes on him is running off a kid illegal? no i dont think so. Does the ncaa like it? probably not
  12. Messi

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Harris announced he was leaving Memphis on 4/19 and committed to ISU on 4/25 For reference - Bolton left PSU on 4/26 last year, committed to ISU on 5/28 and waiver approved on 9/24
  13. Messi

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    alright, i dont want this thread to turn into a what school / conference isnt a mid major vs high major my point was rather that Harris is probably one of they better kids in the transfer 2020 cycle thats going to play the "run off" card WVU doesnt care to admit they ran off some 3 ppg player...
  14. Messi

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    seems like every waiver approval has been due to proximity to home or is a HM player going to a MM or LM. Harris allegedly has the run off card to play, but i've yet to see that approved for a HM to HM player
  15. Messi

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Has there been a waiver approved that has not been location based?