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  1. spinback32

    Will the Iowa State Fair happen this year?

    If the fair is a go, and a vendor doesn't show up - they lose their spot. It's stupid, but, sounds like that's the way it goes.
  2. spinback32

    New Mortgage Question

    We actually just signed our refinanced mortgage docs today - 2.5% @ 15 years through Green State (60 day lock from back in March). We did get that question a few days ago (both the wife and I are in "essential" businesses) and marked that everything was normal.
  3. spinback32

    2021 Mock - Purdy 11th Overall

    Purdy is QB3 on this list for next years draft.
  4. spinback32

    4/16 -4/17 Weather Thread

    Same - I put the snowblower away maybe 5 or 6 weeks ago (I was prepared to shovel one last storm, if needed). I haven't mowed, yet, though. I feel good about that decision.
  5. spinback32

    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    Does this really mean anything, though? Doesn't seem like anything more than a good faith statement at this point. This doesn't mean Iowa wouldn't do the exact same thing on their own.
  6. spinback32

    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    Hospitals have been bailed out by insurance revenue for a long time. Time for them to run a leaner ship. I have several family members (including my wife) that work in various levels of different hospitals - the leadership structure in these places is an absolute clown show. In most cases -...
  7. spinback32

    Anyone here have kids at home for the shut down?

    I'm 100% remote, already - but, I usually travel 2-3 days/week. Full time at home, now. 1.5 year old at home. Wife works 26 hours/week in the E.R. We have an in-home babysitter for about 10 hours/week right now - (still pay for 15 hours/week because she is awesome). Nothing really changed for...
  8. spinback32

    Is there any reason to not refinance?

    Mid last week I locked in 2.5% on a 15 year re-fi at Green State. We were at 3.5% on a 20 year re-fi, with about 16 years left. I went back and forth since we may move within a couple years. Payment went down a bit, and, if we move before it all evens out, it was worth the $1600 in closing...
  9. spinback32

    Steve Prohm

    People thought this team was talented? We lucked out with Haliburton being better than advertised last year- without him, we are not a tournament team. This year, it's only him. Next year....
  10. spinback32

    Iowa Basketball's Super Bowl

    Exactly. Wish I could have found a prop bet somewhere to bet on this happening. I'd be a rich man today.
  11. spinback32

    Some thoughts on the bowl destination...

    If it was pre-internet, I'd agree. There's a lot of of metrics that go into determining how well a team travels/spends money in a bowl city. ISU's allotment will sell out either way.
  12. spinback32

    Some thoughts on the bowl destination...

    I don't think that matters all that much.
  13. spinback32

    Some thoughts on the bowl destination...

    Over/Under on how many Hok fans show up to the game wearing their Wal-Mart brand Hok gear?
  14. spinback32

    Lineup going forward

    IMO.... Jacobson, Solo, and Conditt all have good looking mid range shots - so, since we don't rebound - maybe let them shoot those more? We desperately need to run more motion/screens on offense - our 4- out spacing offense just hasn't been consistently good with this group. I love Conditt...
  15. spinback32

    STAFF PICKS: Fran McCaffery

    The worst part of all of this - is that you know that Iowa is going to shoot like 60% from the field against us, with Bohannon hitting about 5 3's. This is all before they end the year with 12 wins (but they beat Iowa State!)
  16. spinback32

    Challenge Rules

    Both levels of referees are garbage. A 50 year old ref cannot keep up with 20-something year old's way too fast for them. I'm a Giants fan, and can tell you, the PI challenge rule in the NFL is a waste of time.
  17. spinback32

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS #9 Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    We are a cross country school!
  18. spinback32

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS #9 Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    That's very Boomer-y of sure you aren't older?
  19. spinback32

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS #9 Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    LOL.... you sound like a Hokeye
  20. spinback32

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS #9 Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    Overreaction? Statement... This is still a team made up of, mostly, average players/recruits.