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    Texas Preview of The Clones

    Can't stand podcasts. Videos are OK.
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    Texas Preview of The Clones

    These guys are condescending a**holes who think way too much of Texas from what little I've been listening. They said that since we don't play Iowa, our biggest rivalry game is going to be Texas. Since when is Texas a big rivalry. I'd much rather beat Oklahoma and Kansas State than Texas. And...
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    On That Note: Saved By Zero (pt. 1): Albums of 1970/60

    I'm breaking the rules here, but the only album I could think of that doesn't quite fit this category was Steppenwolf Gold, a two record set, that came out in 1971, not 1970. The reason it's meaningful to me was because my high school class, which graduated in 71, had some money left over from...
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    Feedback: Please report new forum bugs here

    What's with the tiny type? Us old folks can't read this stuff.
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    Worst Fruit?

    Whatever you do, don't eat dried apricots. It sounds like a good idea until your guts start that painful rumbling.
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    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    Not my parents, specifically, but other relatives still think I'm a sports reporter. I was a sports reporter for a whopping 1 1/2 years and that was 30 years ago. But the last family reunion I attended about 10 years ago, they were all asking me how the sports reporting was going...
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    WBB: Gabby McBride entering transfer portal

    McBride was a particularly puzzling signing. You'd think a division 1 post player would be averaging double figures in scoring or rebounding or both, but she did neither. I think, off the top of my head without looking it up, her scoring output as a senior was around 8 ppg and her rebounding was...
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    WBB: Gabby McBride entering transfer portal

    Seems we've been getting a lot of those lately, the great incoming class notwithstanding. When she signed with us, I wondered what they were doing. Same with that Australian netball player, Lauren Mills. Then there was that other foreign player who signed the same year Camber signed and left...
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    Anyone having a suggestion for walleye fishing in Iowa or MN?

    Years ago, I went walleye fishing in Fairmont when the Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener was there. I nearly won first place too, which was a motor boat, but the last fish I caught was a quarter inch too small. My guide had offered to throw in one of his to give me four walleye keepers, but he...
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    Thursday OT - For No Good Reason

    I used to love Roger Ramjet. It was so stupid. I don't have a favorite episode, but I still remember some of my favorite lines: Deep authoritative announcer's voice: "And as night fell." Roger Ramjet: "Ouch" Boy Kid: "What happened, Roger?" Ramjet: "I stubbed my toe on a dead concrete." In...
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    WVU loses D'coordinator ...

    I mean, your feelings are hurt cause someone called you ******** and said if you don't want to get maced, don't go to a riot? People are going to say a lot worse things to you than that in your lifetime. I just think we've gotten too soft as a society, almost to the point where if something...
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    WVU loses D'coordinator ...

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    Friday OT #1 - Two Guys Walk Into a Bar. The Third One Ducks.

    Why did the farmer make his cows run? Because he didn't like meat loaf.
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    Friday OT #1 - Two Guys Walk Into a Bar. The Third One Ducks.

    My usual response to my kids saying, "I'm hungry" was. "I'm angry, let's fight." Now I hear my daughters saying it to their kids. Ahhh, family traditions.
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    Wings - Flats or Drumsticks?

    I've been ordering wings from Hooties Hamburger Barn on GrubHub. They are huge and give you a choice of flaps or drumsticks. Great wings. Come to find out, they're just Hooter's wings. Hooter's is also on Grubhub. Now I've had Hooter's wings and let me tell you these are not them. Hooter's wings...
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    Wings - Flats or Drumsticks?

    They were always called flaps and drumsticks where I come from. As for the poll, drumsticks is the correct answer and it shouldn't even be a debate. On a side note, a guy who worked at wingstop once told me that no one orders bone-in wings when bonelss are available. I thought he was nuts...
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    Freshmen to watch article

    And Pulvermacher's not even on the team anymore. Funny how they knew that Re'al was gone, but missed Pulvermacher, who left before Re'al.
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    Overcoming Life's Obstacles

    I was in a car accident the summer after I graduated high school and already enrolled at Iowa State. My friend wanted to go to a movie that I didn't really want to see because I was not a big fan of horror movies. It was called the Abominable Dr. Phibes with Vincent Price. We were going about...
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    Irregardless of what you think, “irregardless” is a word

    any editor worth his salt would can you for using that word. Just because a word has been thrust into the dictionary because idiots use it so often incorrectly, that doesn't mean it's magically become a word.
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    Can you cook?

    I'm a pretty decent cook, but I don't do it much because I'm lazy. I don't mind the cooking part, it's the cleanup afterward that has me thinking I'll just order Waitr or Grubhub again. The favorite thing I ever made was a whole beef tenderloin butterflied and stuffed with Gruyere cheese, bread...