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  1. larry

    Feedback: Please report new forum bugs here

    I have had this problem on Chrome and Firefox. Tried logging on 5-6 times just now, nothing. Tried again 2 minutes later, it worked. Browsing history is set to be erased every time we close chrome, so it's a little problematic.
  2. larry

    Backyard Wood Panel Privacy Fence

    I'm curious about the maintenance of a wood fence. Don't you need to stain or paint them every once in awhile? How do you maintain the outside of the fence?
  3. larry

    Everyday Play by Play by John Walters

    Hey, that cat looks familiar....:)
  4. larry

    *** Official Southern Miss VS IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    For me, too many of the 3's that Bolton and Nixon took just had bad form or not shooting in rhythm. Bolton jumps towards the basket with a lot of his three's. We did better also when it was a catch and shoot three as opposed to the "I'm wide open from 27 feet out maybe I should shoot it instead...
  5. larry

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Jack Nunge was the 2nd leading scorer in Iowa's game against us 2 years ago, starting ahead of Garza, after Garza had been starting in previous games. I thought he looked decent, especially for a freshman. Only non-native Iowan in double figures for Iowa in that game.
  6. larry

    KU 42 - TX 41 With 1:11 remaining

    1200 yards offense--50 points in the 4th quarter....
  7. larry

    Not eating as a family. Stopping for 1 hour

    This was the first thing I thought of when I started reading this thread....
  8. larry

    Huxley man gifts carson king year supply of busch light

    I like that in this article that it is made clear that Carson decided to donate the money after he got $600, not after getting thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The $600 was not an outrageous amount of money, but he decided to donate it anyway and THAT is when Busch and Venmo got on...
  9. larry

    New Clint Eastwood film

    Paint Your Wagon is awesome. Who cares if Eastwood and Lee Marvin aren't the greatest singers in the world, they're not supposed to be. It's a comedy, and it has lots of good songs...I enjoy listening to the soundtrack.
  10. larry

    Jeff Grayer, ISU's all-time leading scorer, on Barry Stevens and the creation of "Hilton Magic"

    I wore Barry Steven's number (35) as a senior for away games--back when you wore even numbers at home and odd on the road. I was NOT a volume scorer, but I always scored more when I was wearing Barry's number.
  11. larry

    Warm bedroom due to sun location - will this do anything?

    Blow cold air in. Just don't forget there is a fan in the doorway when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night in the dark....
  12. larry


    On a related note, some excellent reporting from ESPN webpage, two stories about the tournament: The ISU summary has this: Marial Shayok (18.7 PPG) leads a team with four scorers who averaged double...
  13. larry

    To all Hilton South Cyclone fans in attendance...

    Yeah, let's hear some stories!
  14. larry

    #1 Bracketologist is right here in Iowa

    I was told there would be no science....;)
  15. larry

    Big 12 Champion Computer Projection

    Yeah, I seem to remember last weekend before our game, Iowa State was on the cusp of winning the Big12. We lose, KSU is on the cusp of winning the Big12. This week, We win, KSU loses and we're back to 4 teams in it. Check again after Wednesday...
  16. larry

    WATCH: Huggins postgame press conference

    I'm not sure, there may have been contact down low, but the ref who was right there had to turn his head to see what happened. After multiple viewings, though, the player does appear to come straight down then topple over.
  17. larry

    Into the ESPN Power Rankings

    You might have blacked out what Tennessee did to ISU last year, in Hilton no less; albeit against a struggling ISU team.
  18. larry

    We’re Right Back In The Hunt

    We're good again! Too bad our season ended Saturday...o_O
  19. larry

    Good IPA's?

    Lagunitas has a good IPA, they use a different hop, has a distinctive Lagunitas flavor.