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  1. besserheimerphat

    Massive explosion in Beirut

    Bride and photographer were doing a photo shoot when the explosion happened.
  2. besserheimerphat

    Worst Fruit?

    I think you're right, I was just looking up squash (which I don't like, and is a fruit). From what I could tell, pea pods are a fruit but the peas themselves are a legume. According to botany, a fruit is the part of a plant that surrounds and delivers the seed. There is no botanical definition...
  3. besserheimerphat

    Worst Fruit?

    For me the problem with raw celery is the texture. All those stringy bits just freak me out. I'm fine with it chopped up and cooked in something.
  4. besserheimerphat

    Worst Fruit?

    Most all of them. Except peas. Peas can go **** themselves. Not crazy about raw celery either. But seriously I don't think I've found any other vegetables that I refuse to eat prepared any way.
  5. besserheimerphat

    Worst Fruit?

    Fruits generally speaking are overrated. I love veggies though.
  6. besserheimerphat

    Massive explosion in Beirut

    Anybody else a little anxious to discover that Argent appears to be knowledgeable about fertilizer bombs?
  7. besserheimerphat

    Ticket insurance - would you buy it?

    I have no idea. I saw the article about the Big12 schedule on Facebook, and something like vacation insurance but for sporting events - for season ticket holders only - popped into my head. Maybe its a dumb idea. I'm okay with that, I'm sure there will be plenty more.
  8. besserheimerphat

    Ticket insurance - would you buy it?

    Just had a thought: If the AD offered "insurance" for season tickets, would you buy it? What would it take to persuade you to buy it? I'm thinking something like you pay an extra $5/ticket. If the game gets canceled for any reason (i.e. COVID, or SDSU a few years ago) you get the face value of...
  9. besserheimerphat

    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    In a general sense yes, but 90% of my colleagues don't understand what a reliability engineer does either. And honestly like 70% of reliability engineers do asset management related to plant operations, whereas I work upstream on the product development side. Every time I get a call from a...
  10. besserheimerphat

    Tight End U

    How is that possible with the (formerly) highest paid S&C coach in the country and one-time Assistant Coach of the Year?
  11. besserheimerphat

    Tight End U

    2 clips of Chase Allen. 0 clips of TOE.
  12. besserheimerphat

    Talk to me about property taxes in the Des Moines suburbs.

    Which schools offer the best socialization? You can get a good education anywhere if you want to, but from what I hear socialization is the defining factor. ;)
  13. besserheimerphat

    CR Gaz exposes mismanagement at eiu

    Who was the UI president when you were a student there?
  14. besserheimerphat

    Seattle Kraken

    Agreed. The primary logo is great, but when I saw that secondary logo I lost it. I plan to buy some apparel even though I'm not a hockey fan. I really like how the colors and logos of all three pro teams are aligned too. I think that's an underrated concept. (What were the Seattle Storm...
  15. besserheimerphat

    Jeep wrangler(s)

    For a new one? Probably, yes. But there are use Chevy Cobalt SSs out there, or Dodge SRT-4, or the Focus ST if you want domestic. But it seems like the Big 3 are basically paring down to trucks, SUVs and performance cars while imports are making the best sedans and interesting but relatively low...
  16. besserheimerphat

    Jeep wrangler(s)

    If there were a market for sub-$30k topless SUVs that was profitable, I'm sure there would be a bunch of choices. As for entry level sports coupes, there is already the Mazda Miata/Fiat 124, Subaru BRZ/Toyota FRS/Toyota 86. And if you need a V8 and a full-size car theres always the Mustang and...
  17. besserheimerphat

    Jeep wrangler(s)

    So the Bronco was introduced today. Thoughts? The silhouette looks a lot like a Jeep to me. Seems super capable off road for the dozen or so people who actually need that capability.
  18. besserheimerphat

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

    Has to be someone close right? How about Neb- oh. What about Minn- oh. Wisc- oh, right. Illinois? Northwestern? Purdue? Those are all closer than WVU or any of the Texas schools.
  19. besserheimerphat

    Irregardless of what you think, “irregardless” is a word
  20. besserheimerphat

    Irregardless of what you think, “irregardless” is a word

    I agree it's a bad move, but more generally are we saying language should stop evolving from this point forward? Good luck with that.