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  1. iowa_wildcat

    What about an ISU vs Iowa bowl game

    I would watch that bowl game on tv with a little hot apple cider and some pretzels on the side.
  2. iowa_wildcat

    Iowa State #25 Coaches Poll

    lol, I may be butt hurt but it is because I had a colonoscopy. It certainly has nothing to do with a football poll.
  3. iowa_wildcat

    Iowa State #25 Coaches Poll

    I cannot understand why my fellow Wildcat fans could be butt hurt about not being ranked in the preseason. When a team loses 5 out of 5 starters on the offensive line and 3 out of 4 starters on the defensive line, it is extremely difficult for that team to do well. It does not bother me in...
  4. iowa_wildcat

    Dowling and Valley recruiting players From all over
  5. iowa_wildcat

    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    He would love to drive a forklift if he could keep his current pay grade. lol He retired from the Air Force as a major after 22 years.
  6. iowa_wildcat

    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    My parents knew what I did for a living before I retired. I have no idea what my son does. He works for a huge federal government warehouse and is a liason between the computer geeks and the customer; whatever that means.
  7. iowa_wildcat

    AT&T Just Killed Off DirecTV For Good

    And pirating content is dangerous to your device if you are using Windows or a Mac.
  8. iowa_wildcat

    NY Times Article about JTS

    I see no reason to care what the NYT thinks about anything. The NYT lives in a glass house and does not understand that outsiders can see within.
  9. iowa_wildcat

    Iowa State 2020 Schedule Change

    I think Iowa State's games not shown on network television (Fox or ESPN) are now the property of ESPN+.
  10. iowa_wildcat

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    Just think, a 423 yard drive at Homewood would cause players big problems on even the longest holes. Sure, they would carve the course up but it would be fun to watch the pros play a course where being a big hitter was not necessarily an advantage.
  11. iowa_wildcat

    Kansas City area Fanatics - living in KC advice

    Winters are much milder in the KC area. Stay home when you do get a good snow or ice storm because the locals have no idea how to drive on anything but dry pavement.
  12. iowa_wildcat


    I'm getting ready to cancel my ESPN+ subscription because I do not think there will be any games to broadcast. Even though I understand why the games will not be played, it sure makes it difficult for an old retired fart to keep himself occupied once the golf courses close for the season.
  13. iowa_wildcat

    COVID-19 Unemployed/Employed Roll Call Poll

    That flu bug has been making the rounds and hitting people hard. Wonder how many people have had it and assumed it was Covid without getting tested?
  14. iowa_wildcat

    COVID-19 Unemployed/Employed Roll Call Poll

    Permanently retired before Covid-19 existed.
  15. iowa_wildcat

    Jeep wrangler(s)

    Driving a rough riding Wrangler across the country is quite a jarring experience. Unless your wife is a very rugged individual you are risking her wraith every time the Jeep leaves the driveway. Are you sure you wouldn't be buying the Wrangler for you when she is the person that needs a vehicle?
  16. iowa_wildcat

    What's Your Most Prized Cyclone Possession?

    My combed cotton Cyclone sleep pants.
  17. iowa_wildcat

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?
  18. iowa_wildcat

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    It is a shame that Carr did not disclose the identity of whoever sent her the picture.
  19. iowa_wildcat


    At 71, I will not be attending any football or basketball games nor the fitness center until a safe, effective vaccine for Covid-19 is developed. That and a seasonal flu shot are on my to do list as soon as they are available. My wife and I only visit businesses when absolutely necessary. We...
  20. iowa_wildcat

    Recommendation for Windows in Ames?

    Dan Wierson 515-290-8850