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  1. J

    Newspapers compared to other media

    The government was never meant to operate in the dark....and that goes from the federal level down to your local city council. Right now in many cities, Des Moines included, the local paper doesn't have staff to cover council meetings, the country board of supervisors, and even the state...
  2. J

    Mmm - 2020 Pulled Pork Madness Winner Named

    Ben there a couple times -- delicious. Especially like the option of having your brisket "fatty" or "lean". I'm sure its bad for me but fat is good!
  3. J

    On That Note: Word

  4. J

    grass lots for saturday

    I'll send you a message.
  5. J

    Helicopter Parenting

    Accept that you will be receiving information on a "need to know" basis only. Agree with things like going to class, getting good grades, not getting arrested and not going broke the first semester being a minimum expectation for parents. Weekends are key. No reason to come home and hang...
  6. J

    ***Official Y Cap City Thread***

    Couple odds and ends: - Tre Jackson, assuming his game translates to the Big 12, will be an all-time fan favorite. Can do some flashy things with the ball, shoot it really well, and is a super nice and engaging guy. I heard him asking a little kid who was getting is autograph what grade he was...
  7. J

    2019 Minnesota Twins

    I'm greedy and wanted the sweep but I guess this will have to do. :cool: Yankees and A's will make it a tough homestand. Gotta hold serve.
  8. J

    Y Cap City schedule change week of 7/15

    Just a heads up that that Y Cap City scheduled changed for the final week. No games on Thursday 7/18 (original scheduled to be the semifinals). Three games on Sunday 7/21: 4:30 Jackson/Conditt vs. Bolton/Leech 5:45 Jacobson/Grill vs. Lewis/Johnson 7:15 (approx) Championship Game All games...
  9. J

    Favorite Fan Interaction with Coach/Player

    I used to manage a restaurant in Des Moines. Willoughby, Cato, etc would come in sometimes. My wife was pregnant at the time and I told Dedric a couple times that if it was a girl I was going to name it "Dedrica". Fast forward a few weeks until the ISU seniors are doing a seniors tour charity...
  10. J

    Favorite Fan Interaction with Coach/Player

    I've heard that one before.... :rolleyes:
  11. J

    ***Official Y Cap City Thread***

    Games at Valley Southwoods starting at 4:30pm. Here are the matchups**: 4:30 Waukee Clive Vet Clinic (Conditt, Jackson, Ernst) vs. Fore the Vets (Solo, Griffin, Kourtlin Jackson) 5:45 Lions Club (Jacobson, Grill, Dante?) vs. Sparta Waste (Nixon, Anderson) 7:00 MRG International (Lewis...
  12. J

    N'Faly Dante

    As discussed previously it can't hurt that he gets to be around our guys in the Cap City league, even if he only plays a couple games. I think he has visited Iowa State so who really knows what could happen. I do know he is the highest profile high school kid to play since Harrison Barnes...
  13. J

    **Cap City 2019 Thread**

    I think they will have it out in the next couple days.
  14. J

    **Cap City 2019 Thread**

    I think Prohm realizes, if nothing else, there is good PR value in having his guys playing for and interacting with the fans in Des Moines. And while you can't determine for sure how good a guy will be based on Cap City performance, you can tell if someone has the athleticism to play at the...
  15. J

    Blum: Hello Mizzou, old foe

    Couple Mizzou memories: - I think we lost to them in the Big 8 tournament Victor Alexanders senior year. Johnny Orr said something like "I feel bad for Vic. They foul him every time and they never call it." Norm comes up next and says "If they would call 3 seconds and traveling on him we...
  16. J

    WATCH: YCCL Championship highlights

    Same number of weeks but fewer games. Usually 7-8 regular season games plus playoffs. This year only 5 regular season games.
  17. J

    2018 Cap City League

    Everyone was there including Babb, except for Wigginton and Lard (who obviously has other things going on at the moment). Very good to see. There was also a game of knockout for the kids in attendance between - and a couple of big kids who decided to join in lead by Zion Griffin. Kids went...
  18. J

    2018 Cap City League

    My two cents: - Conditt has surprised me the most. He is thin but not nearly as skinny as he looked on his high school tapes. Super long arms. Good looking outside shot, disruptive on D, but had a little trouble last night with McGlynn from Drake who is pretty physical in the paint. He will help...
  19. J

    Window Replacement Advice

    Just had our whole house done. The advice we got was "installation is key" so we bought mid-range windows instead of the very top end ones and (hopefully) had a top notch installer do them. Big difference already and very happy with both the interior and exterior look of them.
  20. J

    Friday OT #1 - Dirty Jobs

    Spent two summers as a garbage man for the city of West Des Moines. This was before the automated trucks so my job was to ride on the back, hop off and sling the bag/empty the can, and hop back on for 8-10 hours a day. Worst day was Monday. Did the alleys down in Valley Junction and one of the...