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  1. The_Architect

    An interesting Iowa State vs. Notre Dame analysis

    Sorry to be that guy but this made me LOL really hard. classic "Want-of-bee"
  2. The_Architect

    Bowl Disney Planning

    Islands of Adventure is great. The Hulk rollercoaster and the new Harry Potter Hagrid Motorbike ride is fantastic!
  3. The_Architect

    Bowl Disney Planning

    That's the one thing we missed out on, didn't get to step foot in there.
  4. The_Architect

    Bowl Disney Planning

    We just got back from 9 days there over Thanksgiving which is IIRC the second busiest time of the year. We had a baby in a stroller the entire time with no issues so I call BS to the poster who scoffed at it earlier. If you do have a baby, take advantage of the parent swap, it's great! One...
  5. The_Architect

    Wilder vs Ortiz II

    I'm sold on Wilder now. Took me forever to come around to him because of how awful his boxing technique is(to be fair he started fighting very late). His power is just insane, the right hand to KO Ortiz Saturday night was incredible.
  6. The_Architect


    I can't get enough of this meme.
  7. The_Architect


    OK, boomer.
  8. The_Architect

    Jay Jordan: At the End if the Day...Oklahoma

    He had poor game vs OU too.
  9. The_Architect

    VIDEO: Tom Herman pre-ISU press conference

    This. They've dominated the LOS against us.
  10. The_Architect

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    Facts. It was BS the way that went down.
  11. The_Architect

    ISU a 37.5 point favorite over MVSU

    Can't find it in the William and Hill app..
  12. The_Architect

    (Update: coach fired) Florida State eyeing Urban Meyer and Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly taking the FSU job is defcon 1.
  13. The_Architect

    John Witherspoon (Friday/Boomerang, etc) passes away

    Rogan had him on his show a few months ago, had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Seriously funny guy.
  14. The_Architect

    Blum: What if I told you...

    Most people forget about the chip shot he missed before this on the other end of the field. Completely outplayed them, such a shame to lose that game.
  15. The_Architect

    Football practice yesterday

    The best one. Close second is the one from Rocky 4 where Rocky is speeding in his Camero after Apollo dies.
  16. The_Architect

    Where is Brocktember?

    That's Jason Mamoa aka Aquaman aka Khal Drogo. He lived in Norwalk back in the day and used to be on my club hockey team in high school. Can't remember what show that .gif is from..
  17. The_Architect

    Ames/DM area European make mechanic

    Beckley Auto downtown DSM.
  18. The_Architect

    PFF Starting QB Rankings through week 6

    He was awesome in the 2nd half. Helps to have a thoroughbred like Raeger but Duggan's arm was damn impressive.
  19. The_Architect

    Lincoln coach to face possible charges for yelling

    What does your rant have to do with the referee missing a call? Stay at the kids table.
  20. The_Architect

    Lincoln coach to face possible charges for yelling

    Roid raging coach threatens to kill ref for making a mistake. Cry me a river. I personally wouldn't press charges but I don't blame the guy one bit. People are crazy, and coaches and parents are out of control. Maybe this will help people STFU and let the officials do their best.