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    Three pt line

    Talk sounds like moving it back will happen for upcoming season. How do you think it affects a team like ours? Next year’s roster and going forward?
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    cheering for TECH

    It's hard for me to believe actually that Texas Tech is in the Final Four. (just cuz of their history). But kudos to them. I really hope they play well and remove Izzo's crew for Monday. Just read an article on the Tech 'defensive' mastermind assistant and how well prepared their team always...
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    Texas Tech Defense

    I've just been really focusing on watching Tech's defense tonight. First of all, I am no guru on defense or basketball in general. I just like to learn from those in the know. Tech just doubled Osetkowski also, and by the time he pivoted to pass it out to the guard, the Tech player had...
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    opinion question

    Sports is so unpredictable and sometimes we put too much intangible into the outcomes, but... do we win last night's game if we had beaten Kansas State? I mean, did it actually matter 'that significantly' that we played with the 'sense of urgency, backs against the wall, squelch the doubters...
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    Bittersweet Replay

    If you want to enjoy some past players, but torture yourself with the outcome, the Cyclones vs. OhioState game at Dayton is on BTN right now.
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    Big12 today

    Is there anyone who doubts in the least that KU will still win this game? ...after trailing OkieSt at the half by 13. Predicting they'll still win by double digits. Or maybe I can jinx them .....
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    This is the season?

    Really think this is the year that KU's conference streak gets broken. Anyone else think it will be OU? OU has Trae Young. If you haven't watched him yet, do so. Steph Curry range, among all the other pg skills you'd ever want or need. Other three point shooters galore. Realize they can be...
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    Begging all season ticket holders!

    Probably doesn't need to be said, but just in case any season ticket holders on here (or know friends that are), etc., please encourage them to take care of getting their mens' basketball tickets to someone else BEFORE they leave for the bowl game!! I hate that the conference opener is at home...
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    6 Things

    1. Congrats to Coach Prohm and the guys on a hard fought win! 2. Good adjustments for second half defense and rebounding. 3. I'd take Jordan Bohannon on my team any an 'off' shooting guard. 4. I love Nick Babb more! 5. Georges Niang playing on ESPNU now! 6. CYCLONE...
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    The aftermath

    Any thoughts if we would possibly take a look at re-involving ourselves with Courtney Ramey? 4 or 5-star pg, I think. Know he was on our radar before he committed to Louisville, and now he is re-opening his recruitment.
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    Top two

    What are everybody's top TWO stats from last night's game? Mine: 1. Solomon, 18pts/12reb. 2. Team 7/15 from three. (love the efficiency and not needing to jack 26 of them to get 10,for example).
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    What could have been...

    Know it gets repeated enough, but man, it's almost agonizing to watch this Baylor game. If we had a Motley our guards would be able to play so much looser/better. Has to be so frustrating for them. Baylor just passes the ball to the open guy so well but Motley takes so much of the defense's...
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    Only Kansas could...

    ......get upset at home by Iowa State, and yet their two closest contenders also both lose at home. I apologize if this has already been posted because I just got to the boards late tonight and didn't want to read thru all of the threads. I shouldn't be thinking about anything but how great...
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    Things you never thought you would see:

    sorry, felt the need to start a just for fun thread since the Baylor WV game is so boring. When the season started, what did you never think you would see now? Mine is that both KState and Minnesota are Top25 ranked teams. Goodness.
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    Big 12 tonight

    Good games. Wow. Kansas State tied with KU with 5.6 seconds left. Tech and WV in a dogfight. TCU is 12-2 winning over OU. Man, its going to be really hard to win on the road. KState has a big with 20 plus something points...we don't have that guy, at least not yet. And YES Fran, even in...
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    Fan support?

    I don't get it. Why doesn't fan support matter to recruits? Baylor is ranked #4 in the country. Okie State has an NBA point guard(Evans) with a new coach leading them to a 7-2 record. Yet both crowds are sparse tonight, and I mean sparse. Yet neither school has had trouble getting good...
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    The Burton Factor

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this team will go as Burton goes? And both offensively and defensively. Grant it, Naz, Matt, or Monte could be our leading scorer in various games, but it seems like the production we get from Deonte makes a big difference. Obviously it helps to make...
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    Games around the Country

    Anyone else watch OU get 'Pantherized' tonight? UNI just hung in there, down double digits a lot of the 2nd half, yet played their usual fundamental sound defense until Carlson and Ashton (good for him) got hot from '3'. Yes, I know OU is down from last season, but they were leading by 15 only...
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    NBCSports top15 backcourts

    If somebody could link the article, that would be great. We barely made the list. For all the fans loving our backcourt, look at the 13 groups above us. Wow.....there are some great ones out there. My only gripe is the comment about Morris being top notch is the only reason the other ones...
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    Lard scenario

    I realize no news is coming until there is news, but what is the possible scenarios now that school is 3 weeks in? Even if he does get cleared, can he even practice/play at start of 2nd semester? Can he even start classes until 2nd semester? Just curious