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  1. CTTB78

    CenturyLink bill

    We live in the boonies and have been stuck with 0.5 Meg 'high speed' internet service from CenturyLink. They allowed us discounts in the past because of the poor service and our bill was $54/mo. Even though the service is still crap, they are now increasing our bill to $103/mo. in order for us...
  2. CTTB78

    Poor Nebby

    Scotty and Fuskers blow it in OT. Maybe next year....
  3. CTTB78

    ESPN Gameday guys have us as a 4

    Gameday has us listed as #4 seed on their Top 16 board. Seth said something to effect of "Lookout for Iowa State, they can upset some people and make it to the FinalFour." JayWill responded by saying "Glad to see you get on board".
  4. CTTB78

    FS: 3 KSU lowers-$15 each

    Three seats Section 13, row 27, 17-19. All three tickets for $50 total. Can forward e-tickets. Please PM if interested.
  5. CTTB78

    FS: Two Akron lower level

    I have two tickets for the Akron game. Section 13 row 23. Asking below face ($60 per ticket). PM me if you are interested.
  6. CTTB78

    Cousins to Vikings rumor

    Being reported today that the Vikes will offer Cousins $91 million/ 3 yrs guaranteed. Hope it turns out that way. Add the McG kid from ND in the first round, and with Cook coming back, the Vikings could be fielding a damn good team.
  7. CTTB78

    ESPN Liberty Bowl picks

    Kudos to David Pollack and Lee Corso for picking the underdog Cyclones. Of course, all three big 10 homers went with Memphis. Way to close it out Herbie. Surprised Rece Davis took the Tigers. He has been in our corner all year and hopefully he helps vote us back in the Top 25.
  8. CTTB78

    Mt. Union wins another NC

    Iowa St. gets a shout out during the game as the DC for Mt Union had traveled to Ames before the season to learn about change management from CMC's staff.
  9. CTTB78

    LJ Scott arrested for 7th time

    Scott was arrested for the 7th time for driving with a suspended license. Dantonio is supposedly getting tough after the 7th arrest. We'll see if he holds him out for the first play or two in MSU's next game.
  10. CTTB78

    Paul and Hog D

    Even though it was a highly entertaining game, it was a tough one for Paul and the Arkansas D giving up 50 points in OT to a freshman A$M QB. And Bret just keeps getting and bigger and bigger.
  11. CTTB78

    All that hacking....

    Gets called in the NCAAs. Predictable that the non-stop fouling comes back to haunt WV. Zags dodge a bullet.
  12. CTTB78

    NCAA Tournament game times

    I'm hoping we land in Milwaukee for the first two games (yes, the first two). Does anyone know what the Saturday game times might be? Have the networks given any preliminary schedules?
  13. CTTB78

    Private messaging

    Can someone help a non tech person here? How do I PM another person on CF?
  14. CTTB78

    Final AP poll

    Oklahoma #5 Oklahoma State #11 West Virginia #18 No mention of our state's "top 15" program.
  15. CTTB78

    On The Herd today

    Joe Klatt's upset special of the week was Iowa State over Iowa. He took Houston last week, so let's hope he's right again.
  16. CTTB78

    internet secuirty recommendation

    We've been using Kaspersky for years but it has gotten to a point where it seems to really slow things down. What is considered the best out there today?
  17. CTTB78

    ESPN power rankings

    I used to like Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg. Neither one has ISU in their top 25.
  18. CTTB78

    Coach K

    No doubt he is one of the best coaches ever, but this season is evidently starting to wear on him. Won't shake all of the opposing players after a loss, jokes about not knowing Duke's ranking after the 'over-rated' chant in Miami, and complains about only having six guys. He should try to do...
  19. CTTB78

    Worst fanbase in America is......

    According to Colin Cowherd on his show today-- not surprisingly, the Iowa Hawkeyes. Colin had about a two minute rant about the Iowa fake ID again and that nobody from the Iowa fan based tweeted or emailed him about the Rose Bowl rout. So he tweeted something to the effect of " It's awfully...
  20. CTTB78

    Herbie comparing Iowa to a PeeWee team

    Ouch. That has to be one of my all-time favorite lines for this football season.