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    Jarvis Johnson to Gophers

    If this has been looked at , move it. Does the Jarvis Johnson going to the Gophers, open the door for the Gophers? Will it be harder for ISU and others to get top kids to leave the Twin Cities? I realize the Gophers aren't on the level as the Cyclones, but 2-3 young guns changes things in a...
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    Big 12 on a Fox

    Wrestling tourney is on Fox sports north right now. Moreno just lost.. Channel 436 on Dish.
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    Number 5 ?

    Who will where number 5 next year? A QB or a WR ?
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    Kids and sports

    On ESPN they are talking about our kids and do they play or what they do in their free time . In 1980 7 percent of jr high kids were over weight, in 2010 18 percent were. Two things were brought up, TV games and phones, plus making our kids one sport kids by the time they are 10. Let the kids...
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    Huskers over Gophers

    Can this help ISU down the road? With recruiting that is.
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    ISU Coaches in Super Bowl

    St Paul paper says BOTH Super Bowl coaches were ISU coaches at one time early in their career. ISU is a coaching factory.
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    Baylor vs T TECH

    Tech up17 with 9 minutes to go. Guess who is 1 of 10 from the 3 ? Gee sounds like a team I know. Hope we are 8 of 15 against Texas. Go Cyclones
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    Michael Warren RB

    A new rb shows interest in ISU. 3 star, 4.34 40. Was looking at Toledo.
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    Guys that recruit.

    CBS sports in their 247 area talk about the coaches that bring in the young men that play football . Baylor has the highest ranked coach, he is ranked 14th, in the Big 12. All the coaches above him are from the SEC OR THE ACC. Great recruiters bring the really good kids in, hopefully our new...
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    Million Dollar Man

    Gophers spend $199,000 plus per football player. Ohio State was like $400,000 plus. Article is in the Star Tribune. Sorry, I can't give you the link. Not sure if we are on the list? Totally insane, way out of line.
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    ISU vs. IOWA

    In the Ames Tribune is a neat story about the 102-100 win by the Cyclones. Plus a great story about tonight.
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    An ESPN pole today asks if the ISU win Sunday was a fluke or SIGN OF THE TIMES? Being a Cyclone fan, I voted sign of the time. 60 some percent agreed, I think. We'll over half anyway. That's what happens when you get old.
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    TCU ?

    I am looking for 3 tickets to the TCU GAME. November 9 th.
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    Nice article about FRED

    On . About his heart surgery and a current NBA player who is now at the Wolves.
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    2014Top 150

    ISU has the lone top 150 recruit for the 2014 class. Custer comes in at 113 in new update as of June 27 2013. I even looked twice, I couldn't believe it. With all the kids on the list from Texas, The longhorns should be a power house. The Coach?
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    The Mayor

    Go to Minnesota Sports News, Video & Photos ? Great story about Fred. Hope Vaughn reads it and says that is for me. Go Cyclones.
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    Klein and Knott draft

    Go to ESPN, NFL draft home, prospect rankings to see what they think of the ISU boys. Some nice stuff. Klein, #7 goes in the 5th round. Knott is #32 and is undrafted. YA, I agree, just wait to see where they go. 2 wins in the big dance. Go Cyclones.
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    Tubby Smith Gone??????

    1500 ESPN in MSP is talking Gopher b-ball. They think Tubby Smith will be fired. Would that help us with Vaughn???
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    The 3 Young Guns from Minnesota

    The Pioneer Press in MSP has a very nice article about the 3 young guns in the Twin Cities. Vaughn, Jones, and Travis. Nothing to earth shattering but good. On the front page. Home: St. Paul Pioneer Press -
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    Rashad Vaughn missing a friend.

    Nice story on Rashad Vaughn who lost a close friend. It is at He mentions ISU when questioned about recruting, plus a few other teams. Nice story from a good kid who would look great in Cardinal and Gold. Go Cyclones