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    [For Sale] Hilton Flooring

    I may be interested in a piece or two also.
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    I do not believe that the clearinghouse is involved in transfer - I think that it is more up to the academic side of the institutions. As long as they are eligible at the school thatthey are transferring from the NCAA approves it. Sounds more like UM did not admit him to the their school.
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    Cyclones hosting South Carolina in WBB Big 12 - SEC Challenge

    I do think like all of collegiate sports this could be affected by where we are at in the Covid spread. If they are playing in front of empty arenas I could see this game not played due to the travel costs etc. I think that this is a possibility as it has not really been addressed if it will...
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    PODCAST: Jalen Coleman-Lands

    And that he referenced the Georges and Monte podcast - looks like he did a lot of homework.
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    COLUMN: How COVID-19 will change college football forever

    I believe he will have the current players as well prepared as anyone - where it will be tough is the recruiting side - it will be much tougher to get kids to leave their geographic areas - especially if visits are curtailed. Also evaluation will be a crap shoot without any summer camps and if...
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    Texas names their new WBB head coach...

    Those numbers are amazing - the number three assistant at Texas will make more than the associate head coach at ISU (that is before the 10% pay cut that all staff members are taking). Side Note - I do not think I have seen another athletic dept that has done across the board pay reductions -...
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    With Gonzaga players declaring for draft and leaving open to return, wonder if this may draw out longer to see what they decide before he makes a decision.
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    4-23-20 Big Board Update: Adding two names for Iowa State

    Agree - wonder if any of the ones saying this would move across country for a job to a city and company that they had never visited in person. Let alone not meeting any of their future coworkers in person.
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    REPORT: ISU to host DePaul in 2020 Big East/Big 12 Battle

    I think the men are playing in Chicago this year in a neutral site game against an opponent to be named.
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    Next head coach after Bill Fennelly?

    My understanding is Steyer has had multiple opportunities to leave for Head Coaching positions but I think due to family reasons and that she loves ISU and Ames she has not pursued them. Kind of reminds me of Chris Dailey at UConn.
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    2020-21 Season: What Players Big 12 Teams are Losing, Returning, and Adding

    I was talking to a Baylor Fan at our game vs them and they said that Butler would be a four year guy - did not go into details but referenced something that would preclude him from going to NBA. He would not elaborate on the details, but was sure they would be loaded for a few years.
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    Recruiting updates?

    At UNI I would doubt with Green there that either him or Carton is interested in giving up minutes or playing without the ball in their hands.
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    PODCAST: On the transfers of Griffin, Lewis & Grill

    If you follow Grill's Mom on Social Media she LOVES TJ and was not shy about showing it.
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    Twister Sister Summary - big plays, defense end Baylor streak

    From the Waco Newspaper - leaves no doubt of the foul on the final play!!
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    *** Official IOWA STATE Vs Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    That would be a great sign - CSP has never put walkons into a game that they are losing.
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    Twister Sister Summary - sorry folks...

    The WNBA collective bargaining agreement prohibits players entering the WNBA or the draft prior to four years after their high school graduation (there are other rules in there but that simplifies it). That is the main reason that players do not leave college early. There is money available...
  17. M

    Twister Sister Summary - sorry folks...

    In addition to that no one leaves early for the pros and the 15 scholarships compared to 13 and there is a much smaller distribution of top talent.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE Vs #16 Auburn Game(Day) Thread ***

    Remember Lewis wasn't available vs OSU either - may be a short bench today.
  19. M

    Sisters vs Kansas, 1/25/20

    Against teams that play this style will be very interesting to see how it is officiated - if it is as BF says "hand to hand combat" it will be a challenge, if we are allowed to move without the clutching and grabbing I could see a double digit win. Not optimistic for a tightly called game.
  20. M

    Twister Sister Summary - changeup leads to much needed win

    I heard the same with RJ and her back - I think that it is always in the game plan for the PG to attack the rim when it is there, Jade is the only option right now with the ability to do so.