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  1. CloneFan65

    Sledge and Eikmeier - Former Cyclones in the Tourney

    I happened to notice that two former Cyclones Tavon Sledge and Wes Eikmeier played well in the first round of the tournament for their teams. Tavon scored 20 in Iona's loss to OSU, and Eikmeier scored 11 in Colorado State's win. It's nice to see these guys have success and get the chance to...
  2. CloneFan65

    MLB: Storybook homer from an unlikely source.

    Willie Bloomquist becomes an unlikely home run hero - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
  3. CloneFan65

    Nebraska to Big 10!

    I just heard on the radio that Tom Osborn has informed the Athletic Dept. that Nebraska is headed to the Big 10.
  4. CloneFan65

    Shooting survivor Miya Rodolfo-Sioson dies.

    A recent unrelated thread turned ugly and included a reference to the Gang Lu shooting in Iowa City 15 or 20 years ago. The tragedy affected everyone in the state, both Cyclones and Hawkeyes alike. I recently heard the news that one of the victims, Miya Rodolfo-Sioson from Ames died of breast...
  5. CloneFan65

    NCAA Helmet Quiz

    Here's a quiz to see if you can recognize the helmets from D1 football teams. I got all but 3 on the first try (with a couple lucky guesses).
  6. CloneFan65

    Shine a Light

    I just got home from a late night showing of the new Rolling Stones concert movie Shine a Light. It was amazing. If you're a Stones fan you must see it in the theater. Despite its 2 hour running time, the film seemed too short. Mick Jagger's voice is as good as ever, and he hasn't lost a...
  7. CloneFan65

    Roy Williams with KU logo

    I found it odd that Roy Williams sat in the crowd with a Jayhawk logo proudly displayed on his shirt. I understand he was there for 15 years, so he'd probably be pulling for KU, but I have to admit if UNI knocked ISU out of the tournament it would bother me to have McDermott sitting in the...
  8. CloneFan65

    Steve Nash is the Man!

    Check this out:
  9. CloneFan65

    Why ISU should be #2 in the BCS

    Despite what the pollsters and computers say, I have evidence that the Cyclones should be in the BCS Championship game. Here is how ISU is better than 9 of the top 10 teams in the BCS. (If KU loses one of its final games, ISU would be #1!) ISU beat Iowa, who beat Syracuse, who beat Louisville...
  10. CloneFan65

    The final nail in the coffin for Callahan?

    On Tuesday during his weekly call-in show, Bill Callahan said that his Huskers needed to "watch out for Limas Sweed" of the Longhorns. The only problem with that is Limas Sweed has been sidelined since October 8 with a wrist injury and is out for the season. :biglaugh: Mac Gs World: Dumbest...
  11. CloneFan65

    At least the D-Backs won today.

  12. CloneFan65

    I knew it. Liberals are smarter!

    We all need a diversion from ISU football, so here it is. A new scientific study has found that the brains of liberals are more flexible in their thinking. (i.e. smarter :wink:) Of course conservatives are rejecting the research, but that's only because they're closed-minded just like the...
  13. CloneFan65

    ISU Basketball All-Name Team

    Since things are slow this Summer the favorite player thread got me thinking about an ISU All-Name team. Here's my starting five off the top of my head. Lafester Rhodes John John Hercle Ivy Justus Thigpen Sam Hill (Honorable Mention: Zaid Abdul-Aziz. I didn't include him since he was Don...
  14. CloneFan65

    Bad News for Protestants

    I just found out I'll be spending eternity in hell. Pope: Other Christians not true churches - Yahoo! News At first I thought, "Aw it's just one guys opinion", but it turns out the Pope is infallible. Bummer. :sad9cd:
  15. CloneFan65

    Oden or Durant? Who would you pick?

    Since tonight is draft night, I thought I'd ask.
  16. CloneFan65

    Vent: Baseball Autographs

    Sorry, I just need to vent for a moment. :angry6wn: I took my son to a D-Backs game for his 9th birthday. We got there early enough to see the Phillies take batting practice and waited down by the dugout to get a few autographs. Several of the Phillies took a couple minutes to sign autographs...
  17. CloneFan65

    Best ROCK band of the '70s

    Thought I'd start another poll concerning music of the '70s. This time I only included rock bands of the '70s, leaving out the pop or soft rock. I tried to include a variety of styles from Classic Rock to Punk.
  18. CloneFan65

    Who wants the 'Bama job?

    The Miami Herald is reporting that Nick Saban was offered the Alabama head coaching position for $5 million a year, and he turned it down. I think the Tide is going to have a hard time finding someone willing to step into the situation there...
  19. CloneFan65

    ISU fans most optimistic?

    After perusing the forum it finally hit me what I love about being an ISU fan. ISU fans have to be the most optimistic fans in college sports. (Despite a few posters that are creamed for their negativity on here.) Here are just a few examples: We're excited to go to any bowl game that will...
  20. CloneFan65

    Bayless is available again

    Guard Jerryd Bayless, a five star recruit for 2007, has backed out of his verbal commitment to the University of Arizona. Go get him McD! (I can dream, can't I?)