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    Food After the Apocalypse

    And even they might want to change their diet considering brains are becoming a scarce commodity.
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    Grout in a mud-set shower...

    Sorry. Just should have asked when your house was built. The "hot set" method was used in older homes before all the pre-fab(tile board/ul) existed. Had to become learned in that method because some people want their older home truly restored i.e. no drywall for plaster, no copper pipes/pex for...
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    High school football schedule

    Wait......what!? Has the been a new outbreak of drug resistant TB?
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    High school football schedule

    Then wear a HAZMAT suit and get behind a plex cubicle. I have to think of everything?
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    Dowling and Valley recruiting players From all over enrolls at a public school they would prefer. Haven't we been down this road before? I can punch up that thread if you wish.
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    Grout in a mud-set shower...

    Are the "gaps" just a discoloration? If that's the case, and your grout has cured more than 48 hours, wait until it's all dry and just go ahead and seal it. If they are open gaps, find a color match at the box store, mix it up and dab it in with a sponge. Then wait at least 48 hours to seal...
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    High school football schedule

    First.....I hope you are right with one case not shutting things down.....I really do. As for models...those on the front of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue have more of a chance of being correct. And the 1 positive test cannot shut down an entire school....don't be so sure. It did last...
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    High school football schedule

    Apples-Oranges. Can you see teams in a Big Twelve football tourney playing 4 games in four nights?
  9. C

    High school football schedule

    Let's see.....because of positive testing, a team only plays 2 games, losses both.......and makes the playoffs. While a team that played and won all 7 games....misses the playoffs because their positive testing came right before the playoffs. What's not to like? It's a plan drawn up by a child.
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    Share your favorite quick, easy, meals to cook

    Polenta with marinara sauce
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    You know, I was going to give you props on what a nice thing to say with your beginning statement.....then I read on and realized you are just looking down your nose, like maybe I'm one of your students. Thankfully not, and all I can say if that's the best explanation you can give on a fill in...
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    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    I had the same question about ISU, except the reverse. How is it okay for my daughter and 30k plus students able to stay/be on campus and go to classes like everything is everything, but yet you are regulating the H out of, and maybe even cancelling sporting events? I guess this is the first...
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    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    The Colorado blizzard game Nov. of 91' made the KU game of 13' seem like a nice winter evening. The worst season/game........seen too many. However, the one game that sticks out in my mind is a game against OU in the mid 80's where the Sooner starters came out with sweats on to the start of the...
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    NO FANS AT CYCLONE GAMES?'s funny every time it's used. "When required"? Well.....that was sort of the point. Menards "requires" I do it if I want to enter......but will still do business with me if I don't? They don't care how I conduct business....why should you? Good for you if those 3 hours of...
  15. C


    I'm with you on this face diaper BS, but trying to get back on topic..........if JP said "hey everyone, I know it's a pain in the butt......but everyone where a mask and let's fill the Jack UP!".......I would consider it. You know Menards won't allow you in without a face diaper. I haven't been...
  16. C


    I'm not going to respond to the rest of your post regardless of what I think because this kind of honesty deserves to stand on it's own. I applaud you sir.
  17. C


    Wait a minute. Why do I have to avoid crowds and social distance if masks are so effective?
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    No one is EVER immune for "life" from a mutating virus. It will weaken......more people will have been exposed and over time it takes on the traits of a common cold. Or in bad cases....the flu. But it will never go away. That is why there is the "cold and flu season". Which both on a compromised...
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    New Mexico first state to say no high school football

    I understand. I have been to every game this year(almost 20). And that's what I saw in every game. Being in that position, if I was your friend's daughter....and she's that concerned....maybe she should be more concerned with the umpire over her shoulder every pitch.
  20. C

    New Mexico first state to say no high school football

    Well, because everyone wants to be "technical".....they never do come into "contact" with each other. No handshake after games....just wave. Foul balls....only person allowed to retrieve ball is a teammate. No fans....NO ONE! So unless "contact" is now defined as running within 10 feet of the...