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    Cyclones a contender in 2024

    The fact we can even have this discussion routinely shouldn't be overlooked. We’re 8 years removed from the doldrums.
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    Transfer Portal Tracker

    Proctor to ISU would be absolutely EPIC
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    Iowa State Transfer/Recruiting Class 2024

    Has anyone heard anything about JT since he got here? I haven’t seen one bit of info on how he’s looked.
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    It was just another game today

    Keep chugging man. More to come!
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    2023-2024 MBB computer projections thread

    Back where we should be. Thanks TJ.
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    *** Official Kansas State vs #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Should not be a unicorn
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    2023-2024 MBB computer projections thread

    The rankings are cool but if our team isn’t as prepared for B12 play as they would have been with a legit schedule it doesn’t matter.
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    Before next football season, PLEASE

    I was thinking this thread would be about finding an offensive line
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    Updated: Milan Momcilovic commits to ISU

    Not a question of if but when with Milan. Enjoy it while we have him - can’t remember the last guy we had that has a shooting package like he does.
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    Coaching Staff In The First Half

    That was the Iowa game 2.0. Awful gameplan that we stuck with way too long. Pick 6. No urgency in the second half down big. We are down 21-3 with 20 minutes left in the game milking the clock. We leave no margin for error whatsoever doing that and it’s cost us twice.
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    How to continue Jack Trice's legacy in future years?

    Hard pass on limiting trice merchandise. They should make it the official logo for football.
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    Rocco Becht showed poise and Matt Campbell built trust in Saturday's Cy-Hawk game

    Interesting headline - did Campbell provide that?
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    Campbell clock management

    They should Geofence Campbell’s house. Seemed like he might have had money on Iowa…
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    Campbell clock management

    Seemed like something Steve Prohm would do. Inexcusable.
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    Old Video - Need Help Finding Link

    Thank you!
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    Old Video - Need Help Finding Link

    There’s an old ISU vs Iowa video that used to grace the internet. It’s two animated fans with computer narration talking **** - with an Iowa bias. I believe it was called “State of the Nations” or something similar. There’s a Seneca Wallace reference included. It’s a legendary video amongst my...
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    Texas game is on the Longhorn Network

    I sifted through all 6 pages. To clarify… there’s no free trial to sign up for that includes LHN?
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    2022-2023 MBB computer projections thread

    The craziest part of this is we don't have any four star players getting minutes. Previously our teams rates in this range had much higher end talent.
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    Is the Magic back?

    TJs the one amping the crowd up half the time!