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    Good to see y'all are still thinking about me!

    Good to see y'all are still thinking about me!
  2. TarHeelHawk

    MLB: Twins May Have Landed Lee

    That's way Jon Hayman was saying when they had him on a few minutes ago.
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    MLB: Twins May Have Landed Lee

    MLB Network is talking about it right now. Saying unconfirmed reports.
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    MLB: Twins May Have Landed Lee

    He did invent the internet. Duh.
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    Watching the ISU Nebraska replay has once again confirmed that

    His point was that those horses spent their first year or two getting their teeth kicked in every weekend.
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    I feel...

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    When to buy A/C unit

    Are you talking window unit, or central? I can't imagine a window unit takes any more than an afternoon or so, and our new furnace/a/c was installed and running in two days. I would also agree with the premise that getting new central air installed in July probably isn't the best way to go.
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    The picture of tim dwight on looks like badguy from roger rabbit.

    Re: The picture of tim dwight on looks like badguy from roger rabb You didn't. Frak did.
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    Happy Independence Day

  10. TarHeelHawk

    Happy Independence Day

    There was what amounts to an original copy of the Declaration down at the State Historical Museum yesterday, and Mrs. THH and I went down and looked at it. Pretty neat. Actually, that whole building is pretty neat; I hadn't been in there since grade school.
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    Notre Dame tickets???

    One thing you might try is to call the visiting teams ticket office to see if they sold their whole allotment, and get tickets that way if they haven't. Granted, that might not work in a place like South Bend, but depending on what game you go to (say a service academy), they could have tickets...
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    PEOPLE of Indianola

    One may have been sold, but there are still four. One right across from Hy-Vee, and three within six blocks of the 92/65-69 intersection.
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    PEOPLE of Indianola

    Well, there are four Caseys within 1 1/2 miles of each other.
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    PEOPLE of Indianola

    I've been working in Indianola every day for the past 6 weeks, and it does seem like they drive pretty slow down there.
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    The picture of tim dwight on looks like badguy from roger rabbit.

    Re: The picture of tim dwight on looks like badguy from roger rabb And....there it is. Gotta love Frak keeping things in perspective. I wonder if she actually believes that. Probably.
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    Clayborn: We're the only team in the state

    A lot of that running was a result of Jake being indecisive, his refusal to throw the ball into the stands when the situation called for it, and him just not being a very good quarterback. The line was bad, but to put it all on them is pretty unfair.
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    MLB: Reds 12 Cubs 0

    I'm guessing that this is the most likely scenario. Unfortunately, none of the decisions that will need to be made are good ones; they all have some sort of downside.
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    Food for thought?

    This goes along with the three forbidden questions. 1. Do you think she's hot? 2. If my *** ever got that big, you would tell me right? 3. Does this make me look fat?
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    The Latest on Big 10 Divisions (WGN Chicago)

    Well, Nebraska is going to be in the west. That's just how it is. PSU, nobody knows; they're kind of a wild card. I look at it this way - if Penn State ends up in the West, Wisconsin will be in the East, and vice-versa. When Delany spoke to reporters in Lincoln, competetive balance was the...
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    Note to Jon Miller

    Of course it wouldn't. When you're at Kinnick for the Iowa/ISU game, you care about the outcome, don't you? You want Iowa State to win, and you're therefore involved in the game. Cheering, booing, yelling at the officials, running your mouth to opposing fans, etc. That being said, if you're at...