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  1. State43

    Who's On Pollard's Short List?

    Some of these threads are so embarrassing…
  2. State43

    Here comes the doomsday thread, sorry

    Matter of time before there will be a salary cap for teams. Should be done soon considering it’s basically minor league already.
  3. State43

    Will Iowa State make postseason play?

    As it stands now, not a chance. They needed a miracle to beat a below average VCU and have beaten no other decent teams while getting out played by a weakened A&M and an average VTech team.
  4. State43

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Did they say Sama was the only RB that made the trip? Wasn’t sure if I heard that right.
  5. State43

    Hilton floor is for sale

    Wish I could buy a large enough chunk for a bar top
  6. State43

    Matt Rhule Bib Reaccs Only

  7. State43

    Jeremiah Williams to the transfer portal.

    Would be a game changer
  8. State43


    Clark is an exciting player to watch, was pulling for them but outmatched against LSU as a team.
  9. State43

    Let’s talk point guards

    They guy is great, but he needs to at least be a threat to shoot an open shot outside of the paint.
  10. State43

    Let’s talk point guards

    As much as I like Lipsey, the man has to be able to shoot the ball. Having a PG that is no theat to shoot outside the lane hurts this team offensively.
  11. State43

    What is the status of Osunniyi?

    Dude has stretch Armstrong genetics. If my foot did that, probably have to amputate it lol.
  12. State43

    What is the status of Osunniyi?

    That ankle role looked so brutal. Hope it’s nothing serious and seemed like he was alright walking to the bench but seeing it in slow motion, not sure how it’s possible.
  13. State43

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #20 UCONN Game(Day) Thread ***

    Could you imagine if Bill was announcing with Jesse Ventura? Would be amazing.
  14. State43

    *** Official Oklahoma vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    ISUs run blocking is rough
  15. State43

    There are NO Star Wars movies in production right now

    I’ll never understand Disney’s reluctance to make an Old Republic trilogy considering they have a mountain of stories to pull from and some real interesting characters to base it on. Then again, it feels like Disney has been clueless to what the fanbase want to see ever since they purchased...
  16. State43

    Nebraska sux

    If NU really wanted to succeed, they would offer Urban whatever he wants and even then, tough sledding.
  17. State43

    Nebraska sux

    So many NU fans have told me that Campbell will be their next head coach. They don’t realize times have changes and this isn’t the 90’s.
  18. State43

    Lord of the Rings Universe Thread

    I am liking this show so far. Clearly they are world building now and I am enjoying the slow burn. Not sure why they changed Galadriel’s character from a sorcery/magic based one to just another sword swinging hero who I know they will explore her getting all those powers eventually but isn’t...
  19. State43

    What TV show are you streaming right now?

    Just finished The Sandman on Netflix. Not at all familiar with the comic, I found it very interesting and unique.
  20. State43

    Breece Hall drafted in 2nd round by Jets -- No. 36 overall

    :( I snagged a bunch of his rookie cards this off season two…