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  1. rdubbs

    Friday OT #2 - For whom are you rooting now?

    All of their fans huh?
  2. rdubbs

    Do You Work Thursday and Friday?

    Best part of working 5:30am-1:30pm, back home in plenty of time to watch games.
  3. rdubbs

    KRNT Reuniting Marty & Miller

    Hopefully they do. :unsure:
  4. rdubbs

    ISU Fan Support

    I picture it more as Rhoads is Kevin Bacon and Ferentz is John Lithgow. Paul just wants to dance and Kirk says NO. Who will win? Find out on Saturday. *insert dramatic music*
  5. rdubbs

    ISU Fan Support

    You are very welcome
  6. rdubbs

    ISU Fan Support

    You'll have to excuse me as I laugh that the state of Oregon gives a crap about Iowa/Iowa State. You may care, but sadly you don't count for the entire state.
  7. rdubbs

    ISU Fan Support

    I also heard that in Oregon they are having huge gamewatches all over town to cheer on them beloved Cyclones.
  8. rdubbs

    ISU Fan Support

    You have the first 5 rounds
  9. rdubbs

    ISU Fan Support

    Interested on where you came up with this thought? Night of drinking? Darts? Asked your 5yr old niece? Please tell me if I'm close.
  10. rdubbs

    Getting rep Vs. getting a like

    I'm a bad poster so I don't get either. LOL
  11. rdubbs

    Big Brother

    Dan/Danielle are gonna run this to final 2
  12. rdubbs

    PREDICTIONS: Iowa State @ Iowa

    24-21 Iowa
  13. rdubbs

    NIU, obvious top 25 team....

    I'll be surprised if this game is in the 30's, I see more of a 24-21 type score.
  14. rdubbs


    Just don't say anything bad about Jon on this board and expect to not get banned over there. Happened to me.
  15. rdubbs

    Friday the 13th

    USA Network use to play a bunch of the Friday the 13th movies back to back, I wonder why they stopped?
  16. rdubbs

    Hawkeye basketball attendance

    We are? Sweet, let's kick his ***! :mad:
  17. rdubbs

    Hawkeye basketball attendance

    Which is fine but I'm not gonna act like Iowa winning last night wasn't great for them and the program. Nationally televised game, tournament win, great crowd. It was a good W and although being in the NCAA Tournament would be great, still playing isn't a bad thing
  18. rdubbs

    Hawkeye basketball attendance

    That's fine, all I'm saying is when it's your team (Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, whoever) you care how they do in the tournament (whatever tournament) and those that say they don't aren't telling the truth.
  19. rdubbs

    Hawkeye basketball attendance

    So when ISU made the NIT Final 4 a few year's ago you didn't care?