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  1. ISUKyro

    F1 2024 Discussion

    You could tell Max's team was done with him today. Wowza he was a grumpy cat
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    YouTube Channels

    When he sneaks in ISU: "You wanna bet" "You would" Ouch! But fantastic jab
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    YouTube Channels

    Clint Foster - fantastic comedy where he plays the role of Big 12 schools. Justin Danger Nunley - Usually watch on IG but he usually has some good ones for a quick comedy fix Viva La Dirt League - Nerdy, video gamey, what's not to love! The one about a horse pocket is one I quote way too often...
  4. ISUKyro

    F1 2024 Discussion

    Get it there, Lewis!!
  5. ISUKyro

    What's streaming that's good TV/movies

    Hate to Love: Nickelback on Netflix was a better documentary than I expected. Nothing ground breaking, but well put together on why they got so much hate.
  6. ISUKyro

    F1 2024 Discussion

    Points and laughs at Perez I'm not a Red Bull fan so one part of me hope they keep him and he keeps up this performance. The other part of me that enjoys the sport says that they need to find a way out of his contract asap.
  7. ISUKyro

    F1 2024 Discussion

    The return of Crashverstappen That guy can't drive clean if anyone has a car close to competitive. Only if he can have a 10 sec lead
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    Top 5 Songs

    Ask me on another day and you would likely get another five:
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    EA Sports NCAA Football game

    Oh crap, I missed out on the fact it wouldn't be out on PC. Do we know if that a never on PC or just not at launch???
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    F1 2024 Discussion

    I too think that may be the easiest way to go. Force a 2 or even 3 stop pit rule for this race if you want to see an interest. You could go crazier like stint 1, stint 2, etc, but I don't think that would sit too well. I say make them take 2 or 3 pit stops and you would get all kinds of crazy...
  11. ISUKyro

    F1 2024 Discussion

    Ocon likely just lost his seat for next year.... idiot
  12. ISUKyro

    It’s hard to start things over

    As I get older, Jerry Cantrell grows on me more and more. His solo stuff that has Greg Puciato (from Dillinger Escape Plan) is fantastic! The Brighten Album is one of my favorites! More blues as he ages, but that man can still write some amazing songs.
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    F1 2024 Discussion

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I felt like on several broadcast in years past there was talk about DRS going away in the future?? Or was that just hopes of the announcers??
  14. ISUKyro

    F1 2024 Discussion

    For me it's the personalities. I'm some how very invested in the drivers more than the racing. Lewis is my main driver to follow but honestly, love following many others like, Charels, Lando, Russel, Bottas, Kmag, Alonso and some others. Love the back stories and the such. Yes, Drive to Survive...
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    F1 2024 Discussion

    If anyone signed up to beta test the game F1 24, check your email. Yesterday I got the key to download.
  16. ISUKyro

    Best Campustown Bars by Decade

    So if it was already mentioned. What was the place at North Grand that had progressive capt and coke? Guessing close to 2002-5ish It was a resturant/ bar. Outside corner location. Would have walked past it going in towards the movies. Diamond Dave's maybe? Anyway, almost no one I knew could...
  17. ISUKyro

    "Meh" recruits vs Heralded Ones.

    What was Kane like as a transfer? I don't follow recruiting or transfers very well, but I clearly remember it was only about 2 or 3 games into the season when you just knew Kane was going to great for us.
  18. ISUKyro

    This is Fun…Way Too Early Top 25 24-25 Season

    Well, it's been more than 4 hours now. Guess I better go see a doctor
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    Jackson Paveletzke has entered the transfer portal

    Good luck kid. Had flashes of being a really good baller. Can't blame him for wanting more mins.
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    Property Insurance

    Yep! I get home insurance, wind insurance, and flood insurance. All went up about 30% each from last year. And I have never made a claim once. To make it worse, insurance companies are pulling out of the area leaving us will almost no option to get coverage that our mortgage requires. If...