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  1. bugs4cy

    Cadillac vs Lincoln

    BUGS4CY rises from the dead to weigh in on cars. I'm driving my second MKZ -- me buying the same car more than once is unheard of until the MKZ. I had a 2011, in 2020 I traded it for a 2018. I generally drive 30-40K miles a year and have had no issues other than normal maintenance. It's not...
  2. bugs4cy

    Bee Hive

    A note on the cicada killer wasps -- I have them in my yard, fascinating to watch. And unless you go complete idiot and just have to grab at it, they are harmless. The male may seem aggressive, flying around the nest, but it can do nothing to you. Ours fly around us nonstop when we're in the garden.
  3. bugs4cy

    Bee Hive

    Entomologist AND beekeeper here. Are the insects hanging around the hole, could you snap a pic? There are bumbles that nest together, with a decent pic I should be able to discern what you e got there, pretty quickly. To save honey bees, we'd need to be able to get to the queen out. And we're...
  4. bugs4cy

    Son did you ever wear a Kilt?

    My better half wears a kilt on occasion. He is not of Scottish descent (I am, did genetic testing, discovered I'm from the Wallace clan (!), but anyway, I digress...). We are dedicated Parrotheads, and he's been sporting a Utilikilt digi camo for several years at the all-day tailgates ahead of...
  5. bugs4cy

    Steve Soesbe and Tradewinds

    I cut my bartending teeth at the Tradewinds in '91. My summer internship blew up (the graba** boss decided to cut my wages in half after I had been on the job for a couple weeks). I moved back to Ames and strung together multiple part-time jobs trying to scape moo-lah together before fall...
  6. bugs4cy

    Bee Hive

    Velvet ants/cow killers do not occur in Iowa.
  7. bugs4cy

    FS: Jimmy Buffett, Alpine Valley, July 20

    It's taken a couple hours of honest to goodness anger management to write this ... LiveNation told me today that our deck reservation is gone, they're sold out. SO, if you're serious about going, I cannot help you out. We're all scrambling. Sorry
  8. bugs4cy

    FS: Jimmy Buffett, Alpine Valley, July 20

    Folks, I'm buying a full deck of 50, crossing my fingers that I can sell out. When I havebtiix in hand I'll post again.
  9. bugs4cy

    FS: Jimmy Buffett, Alpine Valley, July 20

    I believe there is, tho I'm not intimately familiar with the situation as we don't travel with a RV.
  10. bugs4cy

    FS: Jimmy Buffett, Alpine Valley, July 20

    Yes, our group ranges in age from 20's - 60's.
  11. bugs4cy

    FS: Jimmy Buffett, Alpine Valley, July 20

    We are looking at reserving a private deck at Alpine Valley (just outside Milwaukee) for Jimmy Buffett, July 20. A deck holds 50 people max, we would have our own cash bar and kybo. I'm selling at cost, $140/ticket. Because it's reserved, you don't have to stop tailgating early to reserve your...
  12. bugs4cy

    FS: Lyle Lovett - Friday 8/31, Hoyt Sherman

    In an odd turn of events, I have four tickets to Lyle Lovett & His Large Band on Friday night, but I only need two. For sale, 2 tickets, balcony row B, seats 1&2. 7:30 pm. Looking into just recoup my cost, $140.
  13. bugs4cy

    Jackrabbits tix

    Looking for four tickets to the South Dakota game. Thanks! ----- edit, we landed out tickets, thanks!
  14. bugs4cy

    Me bad ... can't figure out how to pm re: Texas Tech ticket. The person who wants the ticket is...

    Me bad ... can't figure out how to pm re: Texas Tech ticket. The person who wants the ticket is at 605-280-5437.
  15. bugs4cy

    Single for Texas Tech

    Interested! I'll pm...
  16. bugs4cy

    Good deed for the day

    If the sharing of the post doesn't work, on Facebook there is a closed group called Search Squad. They have several people that are 'search angels' and they help connect people like this. Many success stories are posted, and it's free, so it's worth a try. I found my bio-father via a genetic...
  17. bugs4cy

    Why does this moron still have a job

    Oye. You can't fix that ****.
  18. bugs4cy

    Why does this moron still have a job

    After I saw the screen shots shared on social media I decided to do something that I've never done before. I wrote an email to Pollard Thursday night, politely laying out the reasons why this guy needs to be let go. In short, this is not how a representative of ISU should conduct themselves. I...
  19. bugs4cy

    New Garage Door Opener

    Chamberlain Whisper Drive. Wait for Home Depot sale. Life is good.
  20. bugs4cy

    Obscure Christmas Music

    The husband just came torquing into the living room, told me to log in and post his favorite Christmas song...