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  1. Dave19642006

    was that a straight pick...or was that the spread?

    was that a straight pick...or was that the spread?
  2. Dave19642006

    NFL Picks

    there is a 4k prize for correctly picking all games for this week Atlanta (8-2-0) Green Bay (7-3-0) Gbay -1.5 Buffalo (2-8-0) Pittsburgh (7-3-0) Pitt -7.5 Chicago (7-3-0) Philadelphia (7-3-0) Phil-4.5 Cleveland (3-7-0) Carolina (1-9-0) Cle -9.5 Washington...
  3. Dave19642006

    SO MAD AT OUR TEAM!!!!!!!

    McD ... you talking McDonalds?
  4. Dave19642006

    SO MAD AT OUR TEAM!!!!!!!

    The scores now compared to last years is so much better for the teams we are playing against..... I believe Hoiberg has them on track. Now for the true tests to come in the coming weeks..... if we can go with only two losses till conference play....which I believe we can achieve.... I think we...
  5. Dave19642006

    Texas woas just got worse

    BEVOS new position
  6. Dave19642006

    Chizik just won Coach of the Year

    Re: Chizek just won Coach of the Year Lockjaw was good for ISU as ISU was for Lockjaw...
  7. Dave19642006

    Recruiting question

    Videos... his stats.... and send it to Rhoads and Company talk to the coaches on the O-Line...AFTER THE SEASON IS OVER. Watch the O-line moves..... concentrate on his position and how to better himself... and then when he gets a look at.... push that to the extreme and make a showing...
  8. Dave19642006

    Chizik could be next HC at Texas...

    Lockjaw would never go to Texas....... He has Auburn locked up.... winning season, if Texas even comes up...... It will be a money war
  9. Dave19642006

    ESPN quote from Royce White

    To bad this rule cant be implimented on coaches..... would only seem fair.... leaves before his contract is up.... has to sit out the next year, an interm coach would have to coach for that year
  10. Dave19642006

    Cam Newton

    OMG.... did I say "is"....I should have said "was"....
  11. Dave19642006

    ESPN quote from Royce White

    "I don't get all the ********..." says it all.... How many other "violations" have other schools had but yet they got to play. I am a little confused with the word "Violation" I dont understand how this would be a "violation".
  12. Dave19642006

    Cam Newton

    I can understand if that happens, but the Heisman is a prestigious award given out. Alligations, should be dismissed via investigation, and if on the ballot, it should have presidence and be taken care of. He always has another year or two or three. Does a Heisman really make a player?
  13. Dave19642006

    ESPN quote from Royce White

    I believe he has never played...... or did he? "White, a 6-foot-8, 250-pound native of Minneapolis, signed with Minnesota for last season but never played a game for the Golden Gophers."
  14. Dave19642006

    Cam Newton

    Is there a reason people still have him on the ballot till at least after the investigation??? It seems it may be another Reggie Bush deal where if he wins he may have to return it.... Seems if he is on it it will make the NCAA Heisman as corrupt as Roy Williams
  15. Dave19642006

    91 past 3 straight

    I am still praying that UNC does not win a championshipt while Barnes is there.... and that ISU has a better overall record than UNC
  16. Dave19642006

    ESPN quote from Royce White

    Iowa State gets this the player sit out a year, Duke, UNC, Florida, gets this.... a slap on the wrist
  17. Dave19642006

    Black Friday

    if you wind up with stuff you did not know you had in your cart.... it was me
  18. Dave19642006


    Ok I just weighed myself..... I gained 10lbs watching this
  19. Dave19642006

    Verizon Question

    Ahhhh..... I would look at a smart phone...... you can get the Droid HTC for cheaper.... and then still have money leftover... Look at and see what you can get... cheap phone.. is just that... cheap, expect problems... thats why they are free