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    Retirement Targets

    You must also hate paying for auto insurance and home insurance. Many people pay 5 to 6 figures over a lifetime and never collect a dime. SS is social insurance.
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    Anyone been to Greece?

    Just got back from 14 days in Athens and Naxos. Incredible trip (studied there 35 yrs ago). I would recommend staying in an AirBnB in the area SW of the Acropolis (near Petralona station). Quite residential area with easy subway access to tourist area and 1/2 the cost of places north of the...
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    *** Official #25 Washington State vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    He looks like a certain Iowa women’s player in that regard.
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    Who's On Pollard's Short List?

    Here you go - must have missed these….
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    Who's On Pollard's Short List?

    About as lame as your continued requests for coaching lists.
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    Who's On Pollard's Short List?

    Send the $75k advance to my Zelle account and I will get started. Is this an official request and engagement?
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    Liberty Bowl postgame thread

    I doubt it as well - he even said it was not a goal to win a conference championship. His words. Also his words: .500 teams are bullsh** teams. Wonder what he thinks of the last 3 yrs…..
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    Liberty Bowl postgame thread

    I would argue this proves it is a coaching issue. When you see performance vary greatly (winning big against OSU and in Manhattan) while also losing to Ohio and Memphis, Iowa at home this year it most likely is a coaching issue (as the talent is there - and can't use being young in the bowl...
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    Liberty Bowl postgame thread

    Memphis and Ohio do not have more 'cash' than we do, yet kicked the snot out of us this year. Our problem is coaching and details. Watch a team like Iowa - rarely do they beat themselves. If they lose, usually the other team is simply better/has more talent. And rarely are they unprepared...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs Memphis Liberty Bowl Game(Day) Thread ***

    Per CMC’s own standard of what is a good team: 2021 7-6 (multiple NFL guys). Bullsh** team 2022 4-8. Bullsh** team. 2023 7-6. Lost to 2 G5. Bullsh** team. His standards, not mine.
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    And played 6 teams above the hightest rated Big Ten West Team (Iowa) going 3-3.
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    *** Official #22 Kansas vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I agree with most of what you are saying. But he wouldn't win five a Vandy - no fan support at all. And would not win 10 at Georgia as he would not hire a strong enough Off coordinator to go against Alabama/LSU/Tenn/OU/UT etc... In the new Big 12 he is probably around the 6th best coach at...
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    Official Apology Thread: Has the rot set in?

    So you are saying our football NIL money is less than Kansas?
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    ***2023-24 College Football Thread***

    What like the Texas game where our fumble recovery on the goal line was ruled down, or the Seneca run against FSU that somehow wasn’t in, or the Independence Bowl field goal against Bama was no good? How many more examples of this happening to us would you like? There are many many more….
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    Improved Special Teams

    I love the improved special teams and attribute it to finally having a dedicated coach to this part of the game. Although I love the improvement, I also hate to think of all the games CMC has lost over the last several years by being stubborn and not focusing on this part of the team/game. We...
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    Will ISU make a Bowl Game? YES! Which One? LIBERTY BOWL 12/29

    I know - it's too bad CMC continues to install completely new offensive schemes each year :jimlad:
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    Iowa loses Cade McNamara

    Hill is 258 if he went on a starvation diet for a few weeks. He looks like a OL. The first time I saw him on the sidelines I simply laughed that he was actually the back-up QB. At Wisconsin all their QBs had to do was hand off the ball - Iowa does not have that luxury given the OL and RB room.
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    Guess Who Made The List Of Candidates At MSU

    Totally agree - and appears to be the difference between Klieman (who does not appear to view the KSU job as a stepping stone) vs Matt who obviously has/does - just hasn’t been offered the next level job yet. Unless a coach is in the Top 6 teams of the Big10/SEC, I would argue it would be...
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    Guess Who Made The List Of Candidates At MSU

    Exactly - and how often over the last several years have we ever heard a definitive statement like this from Matt that quickly?
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    Guess Who Made The List Of Candidates At MSU

    what about PSU?