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    On That Note: That's A Natural Fact

    How about bonus points for including the entire phrase, “That’s a natural fact.”
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    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    Has anyone even semi-reputable reported this? Seems like a bunch of ridiculous speculation for now. He could certainly still transfer, but am I the only one that thinks that he may very well be returning given that we already had three guys put their name in the portal yesterday? That would...
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    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    I always justified it in my mind that they drove up to Wisconsin to get the tree. It’s a little more hilly the further you get north. But not remotely close to what is depicted in the movie!
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    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    I always wondered how they screwed up the geography so badly in this scene. Eddie is from Kansas, and the Griswolds live in a suburb just north of Chicago. But Eddie says, “Gas money give out in Gurnee” while describing their trip in. Gurnee is way north of where the Griswolds live. There...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs BYU Game(Day) Thread ***

    Did Rocco’s dad play HS basketball with Trey Young?
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs BYU Game(Day) Thread ***

    I actually did a rewind on that because the spot was so bad. They missed it by at least a yard.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs BYU Game(Day) Thread ***

    They did? When? I’m sure we would have heard about it if so.
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    And let the wood-shed beatings commence!

    Totally agree. I’m going to go buy some trees right now.
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    Do you want Campbell gone?

    This is end of tenure Chizik, Rhoads, and McCarney level garbage. Absolutely pathetic. This staff won only seven games with Purdy, Hall, Kolar, et. al. Tells you all you need to know.
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    WBB: General All-NCAA Thread - Not Team Cyclones Stuff

    Agreed. This is the first WBB I’ve seen this year, but if the consensus #1 team in the country can’t shoot from 15 ft. out I can’t imagine what the other teams look like. Iowa has had five defenders in the paint frequently.
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    2 ALL SESSION lower level tickets to Des Moines Ncaa tournament games

    Decent seats already in the $40s for session 2. One could presumably piece together all three sessions with decent seats for less than $200 at this point. I’m going to hold out and see how low they go.
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    Cancel ESPN+

    I appreciate the reminder. Thanks, OP!
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    NAIA Football

    Interesting, a bunch of Cal schools must have moved from NAIA to DII, because they used to have some elite NAIA baseball teams in CA that were full of DI transfers and MLB draft picks (schools like Asuza Pacific, etc.).
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    NAIA Football

    NAIA is definitely a national thing. Tons of schools coast to coast, including FL and CA.